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Real Estate Buying and Selling 2021 by Brian Bartholomew

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Getting to Know Your Realtor

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Amazing to have Brian Bartholomew on the channel segment and getting to learn all about what is Real Estate in 2021.✨🔥 If you are interested in working with a Realtor then Brian’s the one!🏠🏠 Learn more about him in the interview and give him a follow on her social links below:

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So guys today we have Brian Bartholomew and he is going to

tell us about 2021 Real Estate buying and selling

and how that’s looking.

How are you doing today, Brian?

Great. You just saw just busy as can be

so with everything going on.

Good, that’s awesome.

And how long you been a real estate agent for, Brian?
-Six years

Yeah, six years as of September last year.

Super good, awesome.


Mmm, so I understand you’re with EXP

Are you going to try to recruit me today?

Just let me get your license first, then we’ll see where

we go then

I’m not recruiting you if you’re not going to produce

There we go.

That’s the right answer.


One minute and you’re already busting my balls here

Oh, man, I have to. I have to. But in reality guys EXP

is a great broker.

If you guys don’t know about them.

You guys can check them out.
– Or reach out to me.

I’ll tell you about it.

Yeah, even better.

We’ll throw your info up top and so some people can contact you

and stuff.

But so tell us about 2021, where do you think like how buying

and selling?

How’s it looking right now? For you, your clients

and everyone like that.

I mean I just put out my weekly email this morning

my video for it and you can see that online to but I mean

we’re talking about how right now like in Southern California

where I’m at, you know North Orange County how the market

is funny because inventory is super low.

I think there’s like 41 units available right now in Fullerton

the whole city.

That’s all it’s available usually have like three or four

times that much, you know, it’s just crazy. Interest rates

are super low, you know prices are still pretty high, but

for some reason our market action index which kind of tells

you if it’s a buyer or seller’s market is now starting to

come down a little bit even though it’s still like 40 points

towards the seller.

It’s starting to move back which is really weird with all

those other indicators saying it shouldn’t be and it’s probably

because people are starting to get ready to release these

properties. Hmm, you know, so many properties got taken off

the market in December and they’re going to start coming

back. I’m starting to get a lot of phone calls right now

from people to list houses and do that type of stuff but the

buyers are almost like a hungry pack of wolves.

Just waiting. The good buyer calls to like “can I go see that house?”

It’s just like it’s not available yet.

You gotta wait, you know, so yeah, I think 2021 is

going to basically start off right where 2020 left off of

like the end of November – 1st December.

She’s going to be, it’s just going to be crazy again.


I mean, I think interest rates just picked up a little bit

-But not very much.

They took over…

There at 2.35 so that take up a little bigger

still two and a half percent.

It’s like ridiculous.


Right, which is historic.


Yeah very much.

So yeah, that’s definitely the stuff

out of the market just kind of works out and we’re probably

will be for a little bit.


I know you guys aren’t… real estate agents aren’t typically

busy around this time of year, but…
– It’s no longer

I mean for myself, it’s not a seasonal thing.

You know, I hear that from other realtors that they’re not

busy during the holidays.

They’re busy during the summer only or what?

I mean, I’ve tried to build a business where it’s just constant.

Yeah, you know what?

I mean?

I might have a month where I close like five or six

deals and then only do like one the next month, but it’s

just but you’re still I mean, you’re busy building the next

month the next six months, you know, you never not if you’re

not busy then six months from now, you’re definitely not

going to be busy.

Hmm, you know, so it’s all about building.


No, totally that’s good.

What do you enjoy about real estate?

Oh, man.

We only got like 20 minutes, right?


Yeah, I mean, you know, honestly, it’s just working with

people, building relationships. For me,

I mean, I know it’s kind of like, you know, I work the like

I said with the EXP, but I’m with Ricky Carruth, you know

and his coaching.

It’s all about relationships over transactions.

You know, it’s really just work with as many people as possible

and I do the same level of effort whether your house is worth

$200,000 or for $2 million.

I’m going to work as hard as possible to make sure that you’re

happy and you’re getting what you want because you know,

I’m a friendly guy and I want to surround myself with people

like that and you know, so I build relationships with people

because that’s what helps me sustain my business but it also

helps. You know me just stay in touch with people as well.


It’s so good. What part of you are located in Orange County?

And you said you’re located in North Orange County?

North Orange County.

Yeah, so I mean the city’s… I mean people

always think of like… when they think of here like Anaheim

like Disneyland like just north of that area, you know, so

we’re right there next to the Mouse, but we can’t see them

because in Southern California you’re not allowed to go.

Yes, not for a while. But they’ll be back eventually.

Yeah eventually.
– Did you grow up in this part of the

– Yeah.


I’ve been in California ever since I was a little

kid, so I’m pretty much a Californian.

And we’re spoiled.


What was it today?

It’s January of 72 degrees outside.

It’s beautiful.


Yeah, perfect weather, twelve o’clock.


Meanwhile in Ohio or I’m Pittsburgh.

Yeah snowstorms, but.. What’s it like communicating

or like if I were to be your client like if you were to be,

you know, if I were to pick you as a realtor, what would

it be like working with you?

Well, I mean number one,

Like I said, you know, I’m pretty friendly but I’m really

Cooperative but I listened, you know, I mean, my biggest

thing is trying to find out why you’re doing what you’re

doing. And then once I know that taking the steps to make

sure that you’re prepared for that.

I think that’s the biggest thing.

It’s you know, I come from a coaching background.


So it’s always, you know, you put all the work in before

you go play, you know, it’s all those years and years or

months and months of hours and hours of grinding it out and

getting things ready.

So that when you’re ready to present your offer, you know,

you already know what you’re doing going into that.

So you’re doing it not only putting your best foot forward

when you’re making offers or when you’re selling your house,

but but it’s also doing it in a manner that gets your offers

accepted or if you’re selling getting your house seen, you

know, and doing it in a stress-free way as much as as much

as possible, you know, it’s like buying and selling a house

is supposed to just one of those things that takes years

off your life type of thing, you know, if you look at the

chart, So it’s right up there with getting a divorce buying

a house, you know, it’s just supposed to be that stressful

but I try to take that away from people, you know, make it

a little easier.

It’s okay.

Yeah, it’s a pretty emotional process.

I think some people failed to kind of recognize that like

especially if you’re selling your house, it’s

you know, it’s your house and if someone’s like hey, I don’t

like the color in here.

It’s like what do you mean you don’t like the color?

I live in here.

It’s about setting expectations on both sides and

you know and kind of being able to anticipate what’s coming

and let people know.

Here’s examples of telling stories of what’s happened.

Hmm, and then when people start to not listen, you know,

I have I’ll make a comment like, you know, don’t be the example

that I’m going to give to somebody else later.

Yeah, you know because I already explained this to you.

This is how it’s going to go if you make these decisions

and it’s against what my knowledge is and what my expertise

is, but you know, you’re the seller you’re the buyer, but

I’m just telling you.


No, you’re totally definitely the coaching background is

coming out.

That’s good.

That’s good.

That’s good.

So what’s it look like for you know, if I’m a buyer

in 2021, what does that look like right now for the typical

– Well, I mean for the typical buyer, I mean we talked

earlier about, you know offline with the about this by me

number one, you know, it’s going to be super competitive

just like it was last year.

So for the typical buyer, especially a first time buyer coming

in, you know, you need to be prepared.

You know number one thing you got to do is you’ve got

to get your lender set up and get pre-approved and that’s

it’s a process that may just take three or four days.

You know, getting some paperwork together.

So get that together, you know, and then sitting down I sit

down with clients as a buyer, you know for from an hour to

hour and a half and go through a full buyers presentation

with them.

And so, you know, like a 15 or 20 Page PDF and would put

it up on the screen and but take them through the process

from getting pre-approved to understanding what the contracts

look like so that you have the knowledge of that going in so

when we’re writing offers down the road, you’re not asking

a bunch of questions and building Rapport ahead of time.

So you trust me to write the offer and fill in those important

lines. And those are the only lines you have to look at because

contracts like anything else.

There’s you know, 40 pages of boilerplate that I can’t change

and there’s probably 15 lines that I can so it’s just knowing

those lines understand that I can’t change the California

Association of Realtors legal language.

That’s not going to happen.

But just understanding that process and then also taking

you through to understand if we do get an offer accepted

what happens in escrow and how I work in escrow and working

with timelines and how important it is to stay on those timelines

that keep it stress-free, you know, and to keep the buyer

having an advantage, you know, and this Market there’s very

little Advantage right now for a buyer when they’re buying

a house.


Those holding all the cards on so many properties and

It’s good to be able to get into an escrow or even be put

an offer in to be able to get the advantage to get that

offer accepted over 17 other offers.

You know, then once you’re in though being able to stay in escrow

to buy the house and what expectations are and what’s reasonable

going through that process as well.

So you can. I can hand your keys, you know.

Yeah keeping your most,

I always tell people don’t get excited

Until I hand you the keys. The people say all this is

the one there’s I’m like, hold on.


Yeah, 30 days left, you know, it’s like take it easy.

Let me get you to the Finish Line first and then get

excited. You know.
– Right. That’s good.

You set up expectations like ahead ahead of time.

So people know which is good.

But yeah for sure your clients really appreciate that
– I hope so.

No they do. I’m sure they do

I mean, I can’t say anything I would never would anyways,

but I can’t say anything bad about any of my clients.

I got a lot of great clients.

And yeah, I love them.

They’re fantastic.

So very good.

So for buyers presentations,

What does that look like right now since we are, you know

in covid and stuff for you.

Well, I mean we can either do it like this where I can do

I can do a screen share and I could do it through a zoom

call with screen share and walk them through it or we do

have people come into the office and sit with our masks on

and we’re across the table six feet apart and not touch anything

and we put it up on a screen and we can do it that way as

well. So I mean you can do but either way really and I’ve

done it both ways and same same with listing presentation.

You know, I have I’ve done a listing presentation where someone’s

walk through their house with their phone. And shot this way.

And they’ve sold me on selling their house so, you know, so but

yeah, you can do it both ways for sure.

We want to be safe because people have different levels

of tolerance obviously, so kind of yeah,
– Absolutely.

Where is your office located?

We are two offices: I have one in Fullerton and then one also

in Yorba Linda.
– Cool. We’ll throw that the screen up top cool.

That’s right.

What was in Yorba Linda?
– Nice and they want to come

into an office.

I mean but it’s like when these things like now, I’m you

know, this is my home office, right?

So right and so, you know, it’s just I could I work out at

my home most of the time unless I really absolutely need

to meet somebody in office.

If not, we can do it like this.


So you grew up around the area.

What are some top things?

Things like top five things that you enjoy doing in Orange

– Tough in Orange County, let’s see.

Well the beach when it’s not cold, obviously the restaurants

here. I mean, especially in Fullerton when they’re open

I mean right now mostly just mostly take out but they

have like.. I think the last stat was like they have

60 restaurants and like eight square blocks or something

like that and Fullerton plus Brea, you know, your Belinda

I mean all the restaurants around here are amazing

Really quickly

What city are you located in?

Got my wife walking through here.

Hey, how’s it going?

What’s your wife’s name?

– Kathleen?

Awesome Kathleen and Brian, excellent.

How long you guys been married for?
– 20 years



So yeah so restaurants, I mean around here to I mean Orange

County is a really big place for health, you know and trying

to stay fit.

I mean, there’s biking, walking, running trails everywhere

and I’m fact I’ve Got clients right now that are just like

they want to find a house that’s within like jogging distance

their favorite Trails.


So whatever we’re looking for a place like man, I have to

drive to their I’m just like seriously going to drive like

two minutes and get out your car and run.

There goes the problem, you know, but you know people like

that and like the hills and places of go, you know, that’s

that’s a big draw as well.

I mean, it’s just I mean Orange County have so much going on.

Hold on one sec.

Yeah, you’re good.

I’m on YouTube.

People talking everywhere.
-You’re good.

You’re good.

How’s that for home office.

What city are you… do you currently reside in right now?

I’m in Fullerton.
-You’re Fullerton.



I’m familiar with the area.

Yeah, so I mean, but those I mean those are things to do

and then obviously if someone’s moving here the biggest reasons

why the like they’re moving to Fullerton North Orange County

is the education here.

– I mean, we’re probably almost second to none for public

education. For sure.


I think Troy High School.

Yeah, Troy High School.


Troy Highschool every year is like top 50 or 60 in the nation

of public schools.

Yeah, you know public high schools and and you know, so I

mean that’s one reason why people move here, you know, like

and just accessibility.

I mean right where I’m at.

I mean I go mile that way and there’s you can get to the

freeway go.

Wild that way you get to the freeway.

So if you’re going into LA or you get to the train station,

you know, or you can take the train down to San Diego whatever

you want to do.

So, it’s just really Orange County.

I mean, it’s such a great place to have access.

All the other places but it’s not as busy as going

to LA or something like that.

You know, it’s like it’s so much nicer.

Yeah, it’s funny because yeah, there’s a big like

it’s all perspective.

You know, like yeah, you go to a different state and they

kind of Orange County and I like what this busy like.

Well, I mean, I have a client down in Texas. They go

wide open out here and suddenly they have an accent and then

you just left California two minutes ago talking about Longhorns.

What’s going on with you guys?

That’s all so you help clients move out of state.

Yeah, for sure.

I mean it’s a bummer but I’ve had like a

dozen clients last year move out of state from California.

It’s like an exodus, you know, so it’s just so I’ve been

contacting and been in contact with just a ton of Agents

like on Instagram, LinkedIn and stuff just getting referral

Partners everywhere.

Just trying to help people out and make sure they work like

I do so I can refer people to them and they’ll take care

of them and I have them sending me

people too.

So it’s kind of like a relocation business without being

officially in a relocation business, you know, just taking

care of people for sure.

Yeah, but you help people in that process.

Yeah, absolutely moving our state which is which is nice

because you know, it’s like you don’t know.


No, that’s great.


It’s like people move out of state.

It’s like going to the Moon for starters


So you want to try to find them somebody that they can trust

and then even when they do it, you know, like what they’re

doing their deal.

Like I said clients a close in Florida, they moved they drove

to Florida from California but I was on the phone with their agent

coordinated everything from here to there making sure everything

is going well and when they’re freaking out that their agent

wasn’t doing something maybe that they wanted I’m on the

phone with the Agent. Just having a professional

conversation. How can I help you?

What can I do on my end to make it easier for you?

I’ll do all the communicating if you want that’s fine and

just kind of going through that so, you know.

I just know again whether it’s my client or not my client or

not my agent or where it doesn’t matter to me.

I want my client to Be happy, you know and I guess I want

to keep a stress-free because I get to see when they’re boiling

over know for sure.

No, absolutely. That’s good.

Wow, where else have clients been moving in 2021 or the end

of 2020?


I tell you well, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Idaho, Nevada,

basically everywhere that has no taxes.

Well, I wonder why.
– They can go to school, they can go outside.

Or where ever else without too much panic.

You know a lot of people still wearing masks and being safe

and all that type of stuff.

But you know, it’s just now being locked down and

being, you know, crazy tax rates.

And I mean they buy it.. they sell a house here for a million

dollars and then they take that million dollars.

They buy the same things out exact house in one of those

places for half that yeah, you know, it’s just it’s crazy.

Yeah, definitely.

Well, so where do you think the market will make,

I’m gonna put you on the spot, Market predictions

at end of 2021?

What do you think?

That’s 12 months away.



So a lot can happen over.
– I can tell you, you know, from what

I’m reading, you know and what I’m seeing and experience

to myself, you know, I’m just unless rates take a 90 degrees

straight up turn.

You know, I can’t see the market slowing down right

now and I mean even if You start seeing like twice the availability

of homes that we have now, you still have every month.

I think last year just about every month.

You had almost a record number of buying buyers applying

for loans or applying for a loan application.

So that’s true every month.

You have more buyers, right?

You still have the same number of little listings.

So, you know if you had ten buyers in June now, you’ve got

20 in July, but you It only five got absorbed.


You got 30 in August, only 10 got absorbed, you know, so it’s just

growing like the buyers are growing like this and the listings

are still growing like this, right?

So it’s just like, you know, even if rates go up a little

bit, you know, people are talking about all this going to

be a big REO Market coming because of all the forbearance

that happen and people not paying their rent or paying their

bills, but I don’t know how significant that’s going to be

and I don’t think it’s going to be 2008.

You know, I don’t think its going to be that level.

It’s just I can’t see it but you know, it’s still gonna

be a very strong seller’s market.

Yeah, but buyers are going to be able to take advantage because

even at the end of last year sellers are starting to make

some bad choices and you’re starting to see a lot of red

arrows on those listings because they were just listing too high.


I mean, I tell people all the time and our Market

here where we’re at North Orange County.

If you have a house that’s been on the market for more than

two months or two weeks, excuse me more than two weeks

without offers on it.

You’re not Priced Right.

Just no way.

I mean, it’s just because of how is it.

I see a one of the half million dollar house selling in the

first weekend for the eight hundred thousand dollar house

still on the market 60 days later.


I mean, I don’t care how great or how honestly how crappy

that house is.

It should be moving at this price right because people there’s

people out there willing to come in and do work on a house.

That’s not great.

So it’s just that’s the biggest mistake right now.

I think that sellers are making is in pricing and when I

sit down I want to sit down talk to him.

It’s just think that’s cause you know, everybody thinks their

house is worth, you know, I had a guy in the phone yesterday

that one of my assistants called to see if he was interested

in selling this house.

It was all I had give me one point six million.

I’ll sell my house.

So she left a note that hey someone wants 1.6 million look at

Thompson’s house looks like 1 million to one point one.

Oh, yeah.

I’ll give him a call.

Of course.

There’s a goal.

Yeah, you saw what I wanted and I kind of giggled he says why

you laughing? I go

Well, you tell me where you came up with one point six million,

I’ll believe in it, you know, and let’s see if we can sell

your house but he goes well, he just, you know, I’m not selling

to someone crazy out there is going to buy it so well, maybe

yeah. Yeah, maybe but most likely not.

Yeah, I can’t put my name on that one.

I’m sorry, you know it’s like I gotta be able to believe it too


And you want to you know, get your clients

best interest in mind also.
– And for me with sellers,

it’s more about you know, let’s price it right and get a

bunch of offers on it and push the price up instead of go

the other way and try to chase it down and then you’re sitting

there three months later.

Now you’re getting a lot less than what you should have.

Got if you want to start a down and worked up, you know,

and created the frenzy for it that’s

that’s what we do when we sell is this creating that market

for that house.

You know, I read an article the other day talking about how

he’s not selling houses, he’s selling numbers.

What does he mean by that?

Basically, he walks in to give somebody a number of

this is what’s going to sell this house.

It’s not about selling houses.

It’s about putting the right numbers out there to sell those

houses. That’s really what he’s doing.

And so that’s and I kind of just read that today.

I think on Instagram with somebody and I was like, oh

that’s kind of interesting way to look at but it’s true.

It’s all a numbers game.

You know, it’s just yeah, you have a great house.

It’s a beautiful house.

That’s the most special house in the world and you know

it Worth more than your neighbor’s house, $100,000 more, of

course it is. But is it going to get offers and are you

realistic about if you want to sell it then let’s put

the right price and then get you the most for it for sure.

The Market, the markets are always going to decide at the end

of the day.



This is why people need Realtors because well, I mean,

I don’t know, you know the market,

you know the area, you know, what’s going to price, what people

are going to be putting offers in all that good stuff.

Yeah, and to help through that whole process which is

yeah, it’s great.

It’s good.

Yeah, as long as you get what you pay for

– And people ask, what’s your commission?

What’s this? Look we can always negotiate it but

it depends on what the saleability of your house is at the

end of the day, they’ll say what do you mean I said, well,

can we sell it?

You know for what you want it for that’s going to

base what I have to do, you know, and yeah, that means you’re

paying for expertise and I mean, I know people that I’m like the second

the Realtor they came with maybe went to the third one after

they tried somebody they knew or somebody that was out there

and totally blew it whatever it was.

And so they called me and I was like Should have called me

first. It’s like you know, but I don’t have a hundred percent

record either but I’m just saying I just it’s one of those

things where you know pick the right realtor, you know, make

sure you look into them have them show you all their listings.

They’ve done over the last couple of years.

Is there a lot of red arrows on their listings hmm, you know

ours are a lot of expired listings or canceled listings.

Hmm because I’ve seen people that have picked realtors that

like 25-30 percent of their listings have been canceled.

Well, that’s this kind of a red flag.

Yeah, definitely that will be… we will have to talk about that

That’ll be another day.
– Another day.

Yeah, that’s good about like, how to pick a realtor. That’s good.

Yeah, well cool.

So just watch this video and call me.


Yeah guys.


So yeah.

We’ll throw your information up make sure to subscribe to

Brian’s Channel guys, and you can get more information on

real estate tips, real estate everything, and things about

Fullerton things about North Orange County.

And Brian, thanks so much for your info.

Really appreciate you sharing.

Thanks for having me.

I appreciate it. I know we kind of squeezed it in

this is good.
– With three people walking in and out everything else.

So you guys got to meet my wife.


No, it’s good. We’ll have to have her next time.


My home office is kind of in the mudroom here.

I guess. it’s been relegated to.
-Alright, guys.

Make sure you subscribe to Brian’s Channel and his info again

if you guys knew the him and thanks for listening guys till

next time.

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