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HEAR IT FROM ANDREW OANDASON’S Honest Review Working With LA Data Nerds

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Getting to Know Your Realtor

Full Description Below:

Honest review From Andrew | Video Marketing in Real Estate 2021

Here’s the solution Realtors!

One alternative that works well is video marketing. It’s an amazing way to generate in bound leads! Clients can get to know you, like you and trust you all through a video. 💥🏠

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Full Transcription Below:

Andrew, how has it been working with us?
– It’s been going good so far.

It’s definitely a learning experience.

I’ve never done too many videos.

It’s been on the top of my mind for the last couple of years.

And so it’s almost like when we connected, it’s something

that needed to happen, and it’s definitely the future so more

and more agents like myself that I’ve been doing this for

many years and start adapting with the times and give the

consumers what they want which is, you know, The Human Experience

and being a little bit more informed and transparent.
– What do you think

when I approached you? When we first when we first met and stuff

I was of course at the beginning hesitant.

I mean, I can literally open my voicemail right now and every

day almost I’m getting hit up by, you know telemarketers

or new lendors in our industry.

It’s very common, but something was a little bit different

on your message for some reason, so I wasn’t too hesitant

to set up a call with you.

And then once we did that I like how you can kind of eased

into just start doing some video.

I think the very first call and then you took the time to edit that and

send it to me.

After that point.

I started researching some of your past videos with other

clients, saw what was going on, piqued my interest.

What made you decide to like to partner with us?

I think just because I’ve been such on I’ve been so on the

fence about doing it and I think a lot of it is feeling comfortable

with who you’re working with and so I’ve always thought about

working with someone local that can, you know video here

at my office though.

It never even occurred to me that I can work with somebody

through Zoom.

and so just the same way I’m working with you and zoom

is probably how I’m gonna have to work with clients in the


So it’s kind of like just putting me where I need to be.
– Cool.

It’s in super awesome working with you too.

You’re not wearing them right now, but I think the

red glasses helped.
-They’re right here.

Yeah the first I saw you wear the red glasses it was
a done deal right there

You’re not the first person to say that

I should wear them more often. Yeah.

It was definitely like a talking piece, you know.

It’s awesome.

I like how you were very helpful and an open about what I need to do as far

as getting the webcam and getting the microphone which I’m

using right now and I feel like, I felt like you were genuinely

trying to add to my business and my success and that’s exactly

the kind of people I try to surround myself with.

People who are going to tell you how it is and like be like yo,

like here’s what we need to do.

It’s been super cool.

I’m glad we’re partnered together.

It’s like I’m excited to see just the rest of this year

continue to unfold and stuff.

Yeah, I know we’ve been putting in some good work together.


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