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by | Apr 19, 2021 | Getting to Know Your Realtor

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You don’t want to miss how Ranyouri Rainy started the Real Estate Industry! Get to know her and what it is to leave a full time position to become a real estate agent ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ 

Awesome to have Ranyouri Rainy Senia to share us her journey and her Tips in starting the Real Estate industry.

If you’re interested each out and learn more from us!

Ranyouri Rainy Senia
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Full Transcription Below:

All right, guys.

So today we are chatting with Rainy.

Currently you live in Florida, and you just started on this

journey of becoming a real estate agent.

How are you doing, Rainy?

I am doing good.

Thank you for asking.

Yes, of course.

Of course.

Yours just so awesome.

Rainy, I love talking with you.

I’m looking forward to this chat, and you guys should be

too. I will throw your information up top people can contact

you and stuff.

But how did the this journey start for becoming a real estate?

Like wanting to become a real estate agent and then to become

a real estate agent?

Okay, so my journey kind of pretty much started since I was

younger. My dad is pretty much like in the real estate industry.

He has his own construction business, and he actually built

our home from the ground up.

And I just remember him having to talk with the project manager

aka my mom and making sure everything is going in, talking

with the subcontractors and having to go through the things

of the interior, design, the permits, and all of that good

stuff. So it pretty much started at a younger age.

However, I decided to go the health care route with my mom

and ended up becoming an occupational therapist.

And then later as a nursing home administrator.

And then now as a realtor and with that how that started

that my initial goal was my husband and I talked about doing

investment properties, and my thing was like, Okay, why not

just take the real estate class, become familiar with the

terminology. And then that way, when we decide to get investment

property will have a better under understanding of the process

and just the information that needed.

Well, that started in February of 2,019 for my real estate

exam, and because I was a nursing home administrator overseen,

like 120 residents, 130 plus employees that did not finish.

I didn’t finish my course until, like nine months later because

I’ve been on call 24 7 right.

You had to be regular available, so it took me a minute to

get it done and finally completed it in November 2,019 and

actually took my exam July of 2,020 and a lot of time in

between. But I had a nice little plan together.

What I did to help me pass on the first examine.

Here I am today.

That’s awesome.

I love that.

Yeah, that’s like going from a job with a lot of responsibility

and being a real estate agent is a lot of responsibility

as well.

But it’s kind of similar, actually.

Where your cost on call?

So interesting.

I do have my reception is answer the call or Hey asked my

social service director.

Hey, can you reach out to such and such?

I’m all in more.


How was that leaving from a full time position?

What was that?

I guess, like, in terms of was it scary or was it something

you what were you going through when you were deciding in

that journey to leave up position?


So the reason I actually left is I’m not quite sure if you

remember when the Coronavirus first came out, there was a

town called by the name of Albany and not the big Albany

in New York.

But in Albany, Georgia, they were all over to CNN about how

it started from a funeral and things like that.

Well, long story short, that’s my hometown.

And because of the fact I still have family there, everyone

is there.

I knew that I would have to kind of travel back and forth

to see family members and things like that.

So to not put my staff on my residents at risk, I decided

to put my family first and decided to give my notice and

leave from the nursing home field at that time.

And at that time, real estate really wasn’t even on my mind.

I just want to make sure that my family and everyone was

okay. But after I gave my notice, which was one of the hardest

things, I still love you guys.

I just decided to go ahead and fulfill my real estate career.

And I have to tell you, I’ve been getting a lot of family

members and our friends like, well, why did you decide to

leave a good paying job and to go into something to one now

you went from two every other week paycheck to strictly Commission.

And my most in life is I never want to leave this world saying

I could would have should have.

I’m one of those.

If it comes to my mind, I’m going to do it if it doesn’t

work. Hey, I still have the option to go back, so I don’t

want to have any regrets.

Say that.



Because it’s been something on your heart.

Remember, we were talking like, you’ve always wanted to do

real estate.


And you’re going to excel in real estate.

So I’m not even worried about you.

Yeah, you’re good.

It’s such a cool personality.

What made you decide to go with Ext?

I like a couple of things about eat now, and I have to be

honest, I did not even interview with any other brokers.

I know they always say interview a couple of them, but I

like what EXP stood for.

I found a couple of the EP agents shout out to Chase and

shout out to Amina.

It’s actually my mentor here in Tampa, and I like the fact

of being able to be a part of their partnership, so being

able to learn from them.

I do like the spot options with EXP.

I like the brokerage being a cloud of days, and I like the

fact that they’re just constantly expanding and they’re always

looking out for the agent from what I can see.

So that’s kind of in a nutshell.

Why I decided to go with the Yeah, no, definitely.

They’re definitely an agent first kind of a broker from what

I’ve been observing and getting the tour and stuff next world

and running around and kicking the soccer all and all that

good stuff.

But I did the speedboat the week.

Oh, my God.

This is kind of relaxing.


No, it’s such a cool.

I love their model.


The company culture is really quite amazing.

Yeah, I really I can honestly say that it is for it.

So I guess what are some things you just start as an agent?

Like, what are some things you’ve been, I guess, doing as

starting as an agent and stuff that other people can who

are aspiring, maybe to make the switch, like what’s that

journey looks like as you’re starting.

So my journey is and I will say that I think it’s been a

little challenging for me.

I’ll say that because, of course, coming from the health

care field, you have to know pretty much everything or have

a very good Foundation before you’re in whatever leadership

position, because there are a lot of regulations, a lot of

policies and procedures that are related to it.

So at first it was a little challenging to me, and I’m very

thankful for Chunky because when we had our thoughts, she

mentioned exactly that.

She told me that it was going to be both my weakness as well

as my strength because I want to know everything.

So my first few weeks, a few months have been focused on

developing partnership with vendors such as the mortgage

lenders. That’s definitely one thing you want to do, because

when you get it fine, they’re going to need to get pre approval.

So definitely developing those relationships.

I reach out to other agents just to kind of pick their brain

on various things.

Also just continue to learn.

I’m always on the ext training, and what I love about our

group is that every agent that’s in there, they have a different

specialty and they’ll do a training and the heartbeat.

And so we’re able to learn someone that does a lot of the

rentals that we have, someone that does the Facebook training.

We have someone that does the website kind of everything

that’s imaginable.

I am trying to make sure that I’m getting my hands in it

and try to have a good Foundation with systems, but as well,

too, I am trying to take that leap in doing co calling, which

is very different.

Yes, dose for when the business actually start running so

that it can have be like a well old machine.

God, that’s so cool.

I love it.

What are some things you’re looking forward to in this?


I am looking forward to just really empowering and educating

as many people as I can.

There have been some days where I’m like, Oh, man, did I

make the right decision?

And then I’ve been getting a text message from people.

I’ve been working in my top line.

Thank you.

So much just for providing me with the information.

For instance, I have a Lady she’s in her 50?


And she said that now it’s the time for her to buy her home

and that she’s just so grateful that I’m just taking the

time out to talk with her.

It’s just those things like that that I’m looking forward

to and definitely being able to be the cheerleader along

the way and to hopefully be able to be a part of her first

house warming and just to be able to celebrate with her.

That’s my main thing.

It’s just to being able to help and empower people, whether

they decide to use me as an agent or not.

I want to be able to give you the information so you will

be readily available.

That’s so cool.

So good, man.

So you’re currently in the house area.

You said you’re originally from Georgia.

Yes, I am.


Why the move back down to Tampa?

So I actually moved to Tampa.


My dog is moving this thing.

I actually moved to Tampa in 2,010.

And when I moved, I wasn’t even supposed to stay in Tampa.

I was only here for, like, 13 weeks traveling assignment.

I was an occupational therapist at the time, and my recruiter

and I had already decided that I was going to be going to

Texas next.

Well, I got here and fell in love with Tampa and did not

get to make it over to Texas.

And just the culture, the things to do here.

I like the location that’s not too central that I’m close

enough to the water so it can get hot.

Yes, but it’s not too overbearing because we’re closer to

the water, but I can go to Orlando.

I can go down to Miami.

I can go over to the beaches in a little time.

Well, too, it’s only like a four hour, 4 and a half hour

drive to my hometown is the location and just the things

to do.

And the people I have fell in love with that okay.

We’ll have to do a video on the top things to do with tape.

Oh, Yes, I have to say, too.

So while I’ve been here 6.10.

We did also move to Connecticut, and it was very cold.

Shout out to all of you that have to deal with the snow.

Oh, my gosh.

And they said it was a mile winter, so I know I needed to

come back to the South.

And we also lived in Charleston is Charleston, South Carolina.

We actually lived on Daniel Davis Island, and Daniel is.

I’m sorry.

So I ended up coming back here because Tampa is my home so

far. Yeah.

David Spot, Tampa.



All right.

I’m glad you’re doing real estate in Tampa because I feel

like when you’re are more connected with your location, you’re

able to just serve a community better.

Oh, Yeah.

Super good.


Well, I’m really looking forward to seeing 2,021 seeing you

grow. And if any of you have any questions for Rainy, go

ahead. Her information is up top.

Also, we’ll put it in the description, and then you guys

can go ahead and give her a shout out.

Give her a call, tagger.

And best ways for people to contact me, rainy would be you

can contact me on social media.

You can contact me on Facebook at homes H-O-M-E-S two investments

with an S.

You can also follow me on Instagram at home to investments

as well, too.

Those are going to be the best and quickest way to get in

contact with me.


And texting me.

Okay, we can text you.

Absolutely cool.

Good to.

Good to know.

All right, cool.

Thank you so much for sharing the beginning of your journey.

And until next time, Yes.

And thank you for having me, Brian.

I definitely wish you all of the success for 2,021 as well,

too. I can already see it.

I fill it in my bones.

Thank you.

I appreciate that.

I got so much cool.

All right, guys, until next time.

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