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Interview of Laurie Sheinkopf As She Shares Her Journey in the Real Estate Industry

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Getting to Know Your Realtor

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Amazing to have Laurie Sheinkopf on the channel segment and getting to learn all about her journey in Real Estate Industry.🔥

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Full Transcription Below:

Hey guys, we have Laurie Sheinkopf today here from

Partners Real Estate.

Thank you so much for being here taking the time to be on

to be on the channel.

In Getting to Know Your Realtor.

How are you doing?

I’m doing great.

Thanks for having me.

I really

Appreciate it.





How’s your day going right now?

It’s doing.


I just did a zoom video for YouTube for one of my short-term

rentals in Gatlinburg.


And that’s the part of Tennessee that.. Tennessee is correct.


It’s in the mount Smoky Mountains.


Let’s do that up there on the screen.

Yeah, so people can see where you coming from.
Three hours from Nashville.


And did you grow up in that part of the country?

No, I grew up in Boston.

Oh, really?




It was a pretty big shocker when I moved here.

Yeah, I always say I’m a Northern girl enhanced by the South.

Okay, I like that. How did you make

your way out to Tennessee?

So I ended up coming to Tennessee

I was married at the time and my ex-husband got transferred

to Nashville.

I had been a trailing spouse for years and I was in retail

I work for big companies like Victoria’s Secrets, Unlimited

and Etc.

And this was the one part of the world in Nashville at the

time when I moved here in 2000, that they had no retail.

I mean I couldn’t get a job.

I had just been running stores that made millions and millions

of dollars and I came to Nashville and there were no jobs.

It would have been like a huge step back from where I was

so I was a tad discouraged and my ex-husband said I should

go look into selling real estate because we have a horrible

real estate experience and I have always been very customer

service driven and the salesperson.

And he’s like it’s just a different product.

And so I took his advice.

It was probably the best advice I ever gave me in the 11

years we were together.

And that’s what started it.

It’s been an amazing ride for the last 20 years.

I’ve loved every minute of it.

That’s awesome.

Yeah, what’s the… Okay, you have to tell me the story of how

you got started in real estate.


So when I got started in real estate again, I was from Boston

and I joined Century 21, and this is a really funny story.

So I had you know, they said, you know, go talk to your sphere

of influence.

Talk to friends.

I had no one. I didn’t know a soul here.

So I started doing I teamed up with a mortgage person and

I started doing first-time homebuyer seminars because people

at the level I’m at now didn’t want to deal with first-time

homebuyers. So I went yeah, that’s perfect.

So I started with first-time homebuyers and I did seminars

and it was a lot of work and I did other people’s open houses

and my first open house is I was all dressed up.

I was in a suit and nobody talked to me and I’m a pretty

likable person.

I like to talk to people.

I’ve been doing it for 10 years.

Nobody talked to me.

You seem like a nice person.
I’d never meet a stranger, that’s what everyone says. And nobody would talk to me.

I had a beautiful suit on so I did two open houses and I

was like, oh maybe this isn’t the career for me.

So the third open house I threw on like this really inexpensive

cute little peasant

dress and some like basic shoes and wasn’t like super

professional northern looking professional and everybody

started talking to me.

I guess I just looked not approachable.

And that’s what started it.

I said did that and I did first time home buyer seminars

and I did like six transactions my first year and then 20

the next and then 30 the next and then 40 next and I’ve been

doing it for 20 years.


It’s great.

I love it.

I love every bit of it and I’ve had a wild ride.

Yeah, what’s the part of real estate that you enjoy?

I would say the most?
I think because I was one of the first

Realtors to embrace downtown Nashville when I moved here,

there was no downtown living. So you there was one building

there were no real shops, restaurants, bars, anything fun and

I came down here.

I think I’ve been doing real estate for about eight or nine

years already and I was very proficient.

Inn the suburbs and all our different counties and Builders

and I came down here one night to have dinner with a girlfriend

And there was an ad that a developer was putting the first

luxury building up downtown.

So I was like, let’s go look. So I came down for dinner

Walked out with a condo. And that was what started my whole

journey it totally changed my path of real estate.

I became very proficient in downtown living I became involved.

with the city I became involved with the downtown

home tour.

My condos been featured on it.

I started educating people about downtown and I was literally

and still am one of the very few realtors that have lived

both worlds.

I’ve lived the suburbs and I’ve lived the city and I can

easily compare and contrast both of them for value and I

have a lot of clients that have done swap both gone from

city to suburbs gone from suburbs to the city and I help

them with everything. A lot of agents didn’t wanna come downtown

and they were giving out big time misinformation and I was

living here.

I mean, I was one of the first Realtors and residents to

live here and I would hear other realtors talk and I’d be

like yeah there is parking and yes, you can go out and you

know, there was so much misinformation about moving downtown

going on that.

I was literally there was a group of us a very small group

of Realtors and I would say that we were really instrumental

in growing the downtown and getting involved in it and getting

Excited over it and it’s great.

And that’s where I live.


I had lived in the suburbs for 10 years and I moved downtown

for 10 years.

That was going to be my next question.

Yeah, I live downtown now. Right in the heart of Nashville.

That’s awesome.

How has it been? like you’ve seen the city or downtown

like change right?

It’s amazing, you know and it again, you know, I’ve seen

it where there was nothing and then for you know, the before

COVID started, we were the city everyone came to we were the

bridal city

We were in every top 50 list from Forbes and relocation magazine

and it’s really interesting.

We worked so hard to get so far and it just like the rest

of the world were kind of in a stop kind of, you know, everything

stopped. I mean, I literally walked on broadway and there

was no one there and I literally almost started crying I

couldn’t believe it.

It was like a ghost town.

Yeah, it was it’s been really hard.

It’s been really really hard but we’ll come back.

I mean, it’s a great city people are really friendly here

people really band together for floods and all kinds of issues.

It’s the one thing I absolutely love about this city people

band together.

It’s incredible.

That’s awesome. I’ve never visited. I’ll have to definitely

You would love it.

Everybody that’s ever come here.

They just absolutely adore Nashville.
I have a brother go and

he really enjoyed the area.
It’s great.

Yeah, it is.

It’s great.

I love selling down here.

That’s great.

Um, let’s see.

I’m just wanting a little more about like, so before you

got started in real estate like growing up like you grew

up in Boston.

I did.
What part of Boston did you grow up in?

I grew up in a little tiny town called Needham.

It was a dry county.

You mean like no alcohol?
No alcohol anywhere..
Really? Interesting.


Yeah, tell me about that.

Oh, like what was that?

You know, I was always kind of a nerdy kid.

I always wanted to study. I used to compete in ice skating,

but I was an avid reader.

My dad was of the mindset of I’ll buy any book you want but

you can’t watch TV all day.

He used to call it the idiot box, you know you learn nothing.

He was a very big on you reading and even when he didn’t

have a lot of money every Monday we would get $20.

Buy books, you know he didn’t care if it was outside of our,

you know grade school if we were in third grade and wanted

to read a fifth grade book He was all about just reading

and you know to this day my brother and sister and I are

all about I mean we can pass the time away with a great book.

I’m just very I’m a voracious reader.

I love to read anything.

That’s your dad is he was spot on about this

he was ahead of his time.

There’s no question about it.


So what kind of books are you reading right now?

If you reading.
You know, in all honestly when I’m reading right

now is anything to do with short term rental contracts in

all honesty what you probably know better than I do like

web all this YouTube stuff.

Like I started a WordPress website.

I’m not good at it.

I got to go find someone to help me.

I was trying to learn it on my own and gave up last night.

So I’m reading all that like

WordPress for Dummies, but I’m gonna outsource it.

One thing about me is I know when to outsource like

I’ll give it a little bit but if I can’t make it work in

my head and get it on the screen.

It’s a job for someone else.

Yeah, the delegation – I’m big on delegating so I can’t do

no question and finding good people to do.

It is humbling when you delegate

your like, I’m not the best at this by know someone else.

You know, it took me a long time to get there but you know

with my business growing and you know merging into you know,

short-term rentals and I know social media such a big piece

of it.

I just didn’t realize how much time this took. I mean Instagram

and Facebook and YouTube and I’m like, that’s it.

So the best thing I did this year was to outsource that to

this phenomenal woman in Vegas who’s doing a great job.


Let’s get any more time that concentrate on bed.

Customer service from my guests, for my clients knowing that

the pieces that are really time-consuming are being done

by professionals.


Yeah and you focus on the things that you’re good at exactly.

Yeah, exactly.


I love that. it’s brilliant.

What’s the okay tell me more about the short-term rentals,

like what’s that like in Tennessee like..
I got into this market in the

craziest way.

So as I said before I was one of the first people to live

downtown, right. And while I was trying to get clients kind

of excited about leaving a 3,000 square foot house for 700

square feet.

I bought a property that’s one mile from downtown and I fixed

it up and it was really pretty and they used to let prospective

buyers stay there.

Hmm so that they could experience the downtown and I paid

for everything.

I mean all the bills and it was you know, and it was just

to help my real estate business to help educate people on

a market.

That was so new.

So fast forward three or four years later Nashville’s the

hot market.

I don’t have to sell it anymore.

I don’t have to tell people all you need to experience it.

There’s the titans that have come this is a predators.

I don’t have to sell it anymore.

So now I’m stuck with a property and it’s one mile from downtown

and this is before you could get all this great information.

Like you can now on short-term rentals.

So I used it as my first short term rental, you know, I made

my mistakes on and I mean, I know what to do better now.

But that turned into I had three more in Florida.

I sold two of them and then I started in the mountain so

I have three there now and they’re all different and they

all have their own themes and they all have their own feeling

and they’re all in great locations, they’re stunning.

And so now I’m kind of doing like these beautiful luxury

properties luxury vacations for affordable prices, and they’re

just booked Like crazy and my reviews are off the charts

and I’m just totally loving it.

I mean, it’s the one thing that being in real estate enabled

me to do.

I mean, I’m a realtor that invests in what I do a lot of

Realtors kind of invest maybe more material stuff or you

know, something along those lines.

I literally invest in what I do.

I own long-term rentals.

I own short-term rentals.

I just keep trying to build it and use everything

I’ve learned and help

Other people. I have clients that are starting to invest in

short-term rentals and I try to do it first so I know it

falls and I know what to tell them so cuz it’s hard.

I mean it’s hard work.

It’s not something you’re going to do and say, okay I’m done

but it’s very rewarding.

I loved every minute of it.

I mean I my goal every year is to push forward learn something

new help my clients achieve their real estate goals.

I mean it’s just a wonderful career. I’ve loved it tremendously.

So short term rentals like Airbnb or like.. yep. Things like that

are doing our Airbnb and VRBO.

I’m designing you asked me about a book.

I’m designing my own booking website now.

Yeah, so it’s good.

That’s really cool.

I like that you invest before you actually kind of like how

help your clients

Yeah you help your clients would like but type of thing.

So that you can get rid of a lot of the hiccups and like yeah,

I’ve made my share of mistakes.

We all do it’s a part of the growing process.

Yeah it is.

That’s great.

So yeah seems like you have a lot of its you do about it

doesn’t seem you do have..20 years.

Yeah. 20 Years experience.

You’re doing a lot of things right now.

Yeah, what’s the future kind of look like for you in your

real estate


I’m still you know, I’m very very fortunate because I was

always the person that I felt followed up with clients.

I have a lot of repeat business.

I have a lot of clients that I know that send me clients.

I think in the next five years, I’ll probably be doing the

exact same thing.

I’m doing now, hopefully, but I’ll be doing it in three or

four more states.

I would like to have ten short term rentals if I could but

I’m going to, I’m building a

team slowly and I’ll probably just stay with my five long-term

ones and maybe pick up one or two more but you know, I want

to be able to help my clients find rental properties and

and find short-term rentals as well and involves a lot of

work. I’ve actually gotten I’m trying to get my license in

Gatlinburg Pigeon Forge in the Smoky so I can help clients

look at properties up there.

So I’m doing that at the moment.

But yeah.

Much the same just on a bigger scale will be five years from

now expanding and expanding.

That’s it.

That’s good.


I just named my company “Distinctive Getaways” and after and

I’m telling you what thank God.

I have the greatest friends in the world because when I focus

on something I become a little hyper focused so I would be

like coming up with these names and then going into like

GoDaddy and they were already all taken all taken.

So finally I just slept on it and I came up like at three

in the morning.

I was like, what is it about my properties because stylish

was already taking taken.

I wanted stylish spaces has already taken so I came up and

I’m like, I looked in the thesaurus and I looked all over

and I went okay distinctive that’s a good word and instead

of vacations because everybody uses that word.

I thought get away.

So it sounds nice.

It sounds elegant and distinctive getaways was born at

3:00 in the morning and then by 8:00 in the morning all my

ends were like, oh, yeah, that’s a great name stick with

that one.

Yeah, I love this ideas that come like and like that wake

you up in the middle of night.


Oh my gosh, like that’s it.

That’s it.

Yeah it is and you’re naturally some things.

They just take more time.

Like I do.

Yes, I mean, I never realized how hard it was to come up

with a name.

There’s so many names taken.

I was like after 30, I that were already taking them like

it. Maybe this isn’t meant to be right now.

I’m curious about the themes of the the getaways I wasn’t

so sure about that.

Okay, so I love to decorate it.

In fact that when my clients either sell their properties

or after they sell them.

I love to stage. I’ve taken staging classes and I have a

really, it’s probably one of my, my pluses, I can walk into

the most disastrous property you’ve ever seen and I can see

past it all.


So my one, my two and that in Gatlinburg, ER in the same building

one’s a one-bedroom one’s a two-bedroom. and in Gatlinburg

and in the Smokies, the one thing that you’ll find is tacky

bear, inspired furniture with forests with I mean people just

don’t update up there that’s brown leather its and I wanted

something different.

So my first one is called “romance in the Smokies” because

a lot of people get married up there, so, It’s absolutely

a lot of people have a quick get married and spend their

honeymoons up there, which I didn’t know until I did research.

So I have a one bedroom in there that I got it from top to

bottom. It is all black gold and cream and it is stunning.

I ripped up the kitchen.

I got it.

There wasn’t anything left other than the tile floors and

it from the minute.

I launched it.

I had like 11 bookings in about 14 minutes.

I Literally it was about it was about 30 minutes.

I mean they were all of a sudden I’m hearing the ping ping

ping ping.

Yeah, like oh my God, so I did that one and then I loved

the building so much that a two-bedroom came available and

because that area of the world has so much vintage car shows

I decided to do a vintage car kind of condo like an homage

to vintage cars.

Oh my God, so this two bedroom is my favorite floor plan,

even for like when people buy properties, I love having suites.

I love guests and masters being away from each

other. So that’s what this is you walk in and there’s one

suite on one side and one suite on the complete opposite

side and it’s on the sixth floor.

So I literally got that one too and it’s all black, gray,

and red with a vintage car everything.

The comforters are cool, the mirrors look like hubcaps.

I mean, it’s just it’s a people are loving it.

I just launched that and yeah,
Let’s throw some photos is it is

Is it cool if there are photos up there?

Oh, yeah.




Yeah again, if you go to Distinctive Getaways, there’s fabulous

photos. I had a great photographer take them and my last

one is because Dollywood is so big.

I did one in Pigeon Forge, which is one mile maybe two miles

from Dollywood and two miles three miles from Gatlinburg

and I loved this property because it’s really interesting.

Even though there were only three miles from each other.

The demographic is a little different.

There’s a lot more kind of families that go into Pigeon Forge

because there’s a lot of attractions you drive everywhere.

You don’t walk. But this property in and of itself has two

pools, two spas, a lazy river and a grilling area.

So if you’re burned out from taking your kids everywhere

this plenty to do just in the community and I knew that that

would be a great investment.

So I bought one in there and that one is completely different.

I did it totally based on families and knowing that

people go watch football games up there.

So it’s literally got theater seating in it, and it’s got

big leather comfortable chairs, and I did like a spa-like

bathroom for the mother. And I did like cool games for the

kids and the guest bedroom and there’s a big huge dining

room table that you can make a game table or an office table

and it’s really it’s a big property.

It’s 1,500 square feet.

It sleeps 6 and that balcony is so beautiful.

So that’s where I really put money.

There’s like a coffee station out there this complimentary

Waters out there and the balcony is so peaceful.

It just overlooks the forest, you can see the mountains behind

it. I love it.

I mean if I want to just decompress that’s the one I go to

yeah. Yeah, like make sure it’s available.



I’m pleased I’m going up tomorrow and all my properties are

rented. What I wanted is to go check them all, so I have

to go stay in a hotel.

It’s really ironic.


I love it.

Do you ever give her stay at airbnb’s yourself?

You know what I’ve stayed at an Airbnb when I was in Napa

and I liked it.

I mean, I’ll definitely stay in airbnb’s when I travel.

I just haven’t been traveling very much because I’ve been

working.. you know on my own, so and the you know, the airbnb’s

in Gatlinburg in Pigeon Forge do they were all busy too.

I’m not a big usually a hotel person especially

even right now with you know covid going on but there’s two

hotels that I just loved one is really inexpensive and one’s

expensive. So there’s a and you’ve probably heard of it.

It’s a brand-new from the helmets called the Tru hotels

T R U? They’re brand new and they’re really focused

for millennial’s, which we all know I am not, however, I love

the whole thing.

They don’t have closets.

So they have the you know suitcase holders and stuff you

can hang and they have long tables and it’s really and it’s

just cool property and it’s brand-new and Pigeon Forge.

So I usually stay there any one of the Margaritaville properties

if I’m staying for more than a day or two.

I love Margaritaville and the island.

I love the pool.

There are great hotel there as well.


No, I there’s I think there’s definitely time to stay in

a hotel.

There’s a time to stay at an airbnb. I mean be.

It really depends on tablet.

How are you traveling, who you’re with, where you’re at?

Yeah different things like that.

So I’m all for the short rentals and I love it.

I love them people have great airbnb’s and it’s like yeah,

it’s just like such a such a great you get more space and

you have a kitchen and you have bigger bathrooms and you

know most of the time they’re in great locations, which is

how I buy mine.

All of my properties are in great locations.

So as a realtor speak it.
Exactly you know, the realtor

comes in.

I like good locations.

I don’t care if they look like horrible, but they got to

be in great locations.

You gotta be easy for people.


Yeah, absolutely.

So I guess going a little deeper wondering like what

keeps like you motivated in like your career and stuff.

What keeps me motivated and honestly, I’m just a really motivated

human being.

I mean, I don’t know where I get it from because my family

members are not like this.

I can never sit still.

I always want to keep growing and moving on.

My grandfather was like this until he was 93.

So everyone thinks I’m him in a skirt.

So because even at 93 he was doing real estate deals.

He was brilliant and I guess I just I can never I don’t like

status quo.

Don’t like being bored.

I want to I constantly want to be better like all of my short-term

rentals. They’re getting facelifts every you know,

four to six months.

I want guests return guest to get dip.

All of my properties have gifts.

I want different gifts every four to six months.

So I’m continually trying to find new things like because

of what’s going on with covid.

I have totally changed my gifts for my properties.

I no longer kind of by corporate.

I now go local. I have this fabulous woman making me all

these different kinds of popcorns in Gatlinburg for the smokies

and these amazing scented candles and homemade soaps and

I’m helping her business as well.

You know.


I’m really I’m doing the same thing in my one in Florida.

I’m buying like these cool olive oils from this olive oil

store. So I’m kind of changing the way I’m doing things.

So everything for me is like research, you know, I want to

I want Find the best things I can for all of my properties

and for my clients when I by closing gifts.

I mean, I want different things now, you know, so I’m big

on gifts here.

I mean, I can throw a party for no reason.

I’m big on people getting gifts.

I mean, I’m so anal in all honesty that I literally did four

months of gifts.

They were like welcome boxes and the gifts were in a box

and people like them, but and people you know that thank

me for them.

But in my mind because it wasn’t with tissue and in a bag

and it just didn’t feel gift-tish.

So after four months, I’m like, yeah, I like them.

They were good, but I’m going back to bags.

So then I had to find prettier bags, you know, so I’m anal

to the details and I think that’s why I’m an Airbnb super

host, my property in romance.

And I was just assuming you’re a super host.

I was like just to by the way you were talking I was like,

there’s no way you’re not.

And I mean, you know, I’m anal to the nth degree.

I mean, I literally the coffee stirrer is in Romance in the

Smokies are black and gold.

I have to go find them because I didn’t want white ones because

they wouldn’t match the decor right, you know and people

notice these things, you know, I they’re like you have black

and gold stirs for coffee, you know.


It’s a part.

It’s a part of the experience.
Exactly and I’m very big on

that. Yeah.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m selling real estate.

Or being a host.

I have always been customer service driven probably from

10 years of retail, but it’s in my DNA.

I am very like I am very customer focused regardless of what

I’m doing.


Well, that’s good.

What in the retail before that you were working with

Like what was that Victoria’s Secrets the choice is excellent.

I did Victoria Secrets.

I did Paul Harris.

I did a company called August Max that’s not in business.

anymore, but you know back in my day when I was doing retail

it was grueling.

I mean working for the limited corporation is brutal, you

know back then, you know, we’re working 60 hours a week and

not having a day off for 10 days was like a badge of honor

hmm, you know, they could never get away with today what

they got away with when I started, you know, we worked, you

know didn’t get paid go like chinese over time like my last

hours worth a dollar.

They don’t do that anymore.

I mean, it’s they were a horrible company to work for horrible.

However, there is no question that the discipline and the

experience I got from them and teaching other people and

opening stores, you know, and and never meeting a stranger

has totally was totally perfect for me to go into real estate.


Oh, yeah.

I mean it’s amazing, you know.

I have no problem going and meeting someone that I you know,

I’ve never met it.

I we didn’t we did the three second rule in in retail because

that’s what stopped shoplifting was if you were in the front

and you said hi to someone immediately the statistic is if

you say hi within three seconds, even if they were planning

on the stealing they won’t because now they’ve been noticed.


So I was always teaching that and you know, I always talk

to people A. because, I wanted to help them by things and then

B. for shoplifting purposes you had to greet him.

It just helped which is why my stores had very little shrink.

So that’s a fun fact.

I had no idea.


Well thats why people say hi right away.


That’s what I thought was just a friendly.
Its a combination of both

You’re there to sell.

However, and I mean it is it huge I mean I used to go to

shoplifting seminars when I lived in Florida and started

my career there and it’s really it was interesting.

That’s brilliant.

So tell me more about the… I thought you said you liked to teach

and you like to help and do stuff like that was it?

Was I help clients that may want to do like I have clients

right now that are looking for properties in the smokies

and I am very honest with my clients.

It’s the same Focus.

I don’t let my clients buy more house than they need.

I won’t let my clients buy more short-term rentals and they

need because the bottom line is you have to be able to know

that if it doesn’t rent.

Can you still pay the mortgage on it?

You know, it’s same with buying it.

Buy the most expensive house because if God forbid something

happens to you you won’t be able to go out and have dinner.

You have to have a life.

It was always my thing.

Don’t buy the most expensive house.

You don’t want to do it anyway, because you never want to

be the most expensive house in a neighborhood to theory of

progression and regression.

All you’re going to do is make everybody else better and

your values going to go down.

So all of my clients were always the low middle of a neighborhood

and I never wanted them to stretch their budgets because

I wanted them to have a life.

I wanted that you know, I was one of those realtors

that if they somebody said I can afford 300.

I’m like, let me start a 250 and see if we can find something,

you know, so I’m yeah, I’m that way with my short-term rental

investors as well.

I’m like here is the reality of the costs of doing this,

you know, can you afford it what happens if the market changes

which you know right now, we’re in a crazy Market.

You know what happens?

I mean, I’m doing my first eviction in 10 years.

I have two of my yearly rentals that stopped paying

the ones making ones making an effort and one has literally

just stopped communicating and stop paying and I’m a really

good landlord.

I let my get my renters, you know pay me when they could

during this and we cut some rent off and but I have one that’s

you know, she’s not doing anything.

So I’m doing my first eviction.

Yeah, so you have to be able to know to can you do this if

you You’re going to do an investment property whether regular

or short term.

I mean I chose and paid me in months, you know, but thank

God I keep money safe for these issues.

A lot of people go into investing short-term and or regular

thinking they’re going to make a fortune.

Well, you know what you can and a lot of people are but as

I learned during covid, those are the same people that didn’t

want to get people’s money back because they couldn’t travel

for covid.

So it’s a double-edged sword.

I was the host that I literally contacted every one of my guest

and said I’m sending it in for you to get your money back

right now because I know you can’t travel there were a lot

of a lot of host of didn’t do that, right because they don’t

spend their money properly.

They don’t save it, you know, so
That’s good.

That’s good.

You’re a good host.

Yeah, it’s been really interesting during covid, right?

Yeah, especially the real estate but because you’re in like

different parts of the state like it is investing

in like a broad spectrum of the short-term to long-term.

So you have to be prepared for all of it.

Right right.

I love that you

You teach people how to do it.

But you also give them the reality like you don’t just tell

you don’t sell them the dream you’ll sell them reality

Oh, yeah, I’m the biggest Devil’s Advocate.

Here’s the real life baby.

You’re going to make money.

But here’s what it’s going to cost you and Blood Sweat and

tears and and finances.


Yeah, I’ve effort and thought and phone calls and emails.

It’s tough.

It’s so hard.

Yeah, you have to love it, right?


I do.

I love it.

Even though yeah seems it’s just like in

your blood like it’s a package

Yeah, it is totally my passion.

I love anything to do with real estate.

And you said your grandfather did real estate
My grandfather sold

carpet and flooring until he was 80 and and he had invested

in dabbled a little bit in real estate and from 80 to 93

the man just made a fortune.

And real estate rehabbing properties.

He rehab the property then sold it back to the city.

He literally used because he didn’t need the money anymore.

He donated a wing to a cancer hospital.

I mean, he was an incredible human being and he loved

to work.

I mean, it’s where I get it from, you know, everybody kept

telling him, you know, stop working.

He’s like why?

Yeah, he’s like, he’s a his philosophy was a brain as your

brain is a muscle if you don’t use it, you lose it and he

Absolutely. I mean to you he died at 94 full faculties, you

know, his brain was still he was still doing deals at 93.

He was amazing.

Yeah, that was yeah.

He was amazing.

So with retirement like how to how do you feel about retirement

and stuff like that
Will never happen


I will never retire.

I will always be doing something..


What about traveling like?
You know, it’s funny.

You should ask that because until covid hit this was the

year that I was actually going to stop and smell the roses

a little you know, I went I had a very good friend of mine

that does luxury traveling and she basically bullied me into

a couple years ago going to Dubai because she thought I would

fall in love with the architecture which I absolutely did.

It was an incredible trip.

But I want to go to Spain.

I want to go to Island Capri.

I mean I was I was this was the year.

I was going to travel and unfortunately, I think it’s going

to probably be another year before I feel comfortable traveling.

I have a hard enough time getting on a plane going to Florida

to see one of my properties.

I just don’t know if I’m ready.

And again when I if I ever thought about it some of the countries

we can’t even fly into so it’s a moot point now anyway, right

right. It’s so different to if you do travel right now.

It’s just a different scenario for sure.

It’s rough.

I mean, it’s really changed.

It had this virus has changed the world.

I mean, it’s changed everything you do on a daily basis.

It’s made relationships better.

It’s made bad relationships worse.

You know, it’s just there.

It’s everything in the extreme.

I mean, you know, I’m fine being by myself, but I’m having

I miss my friend.

I mean we do Zoom calls to make sure some people are just

not good being alone all the time, you know, especially if

you’re single and we do Zoom calls, you know, I check on

clients. I check on friends, you know, I stay interactive

that way so it’s interesting.

But yeah, I would like to go travel that was this was a roundabout

answer to your question.

But yes, I would love to be going to Italy, I would love to

be eating pasta and drinking red wine.

And you know, I like Capri but It’s not going to happen for

a while.

Yeah, but later down the line.



Yeah, I mean I hope so.


No, I think It can’t go on much longer, right?

That’s yeah.

Well, it’s like the whole world’s like we all hope so eventually

so, you have like so much experience and I really admire

that if you could go back in time and mentor your younger

self and like teacher younger self.

something, this is such a great question.

I would tell you exactly what I would do.

Oh, yes.

Oh and I got plenty of them.

The first thing I would do is never throw away any furniture

because it all comes back in style and one day you will use

it in a rental property good tables and chairs and you’re

moving like I did when I moved downtown, keep them.

You may use them one day.

I can’t even tell you like that alone would save me thousands

of dollars. Second of all do not try buy leads no matter how

much anyone tells you don’t spend the money don’t spend $500

a month.

Don’t the companies are going to give you leads are all very

rarely are they great

Don’t do it.

Don’t buy top producer way back when because the you know,

the latest and greatest, you know, putting all your contacts

in and it was so complicated and it was really expensive

back then.

Don’t go try to sell them properties that you don’t know

the area because it’s dangerous.

Not that I ever did that but I was chairman of the grievance

committee. And that happened.

I think that the one thing that I always did that I’m glad

that my younger self was smart enough to do is I didn’t let

anyone come in my car even back then but unless I saw driver’s

license. Because a lot of people, you know

would pick up people, you know, they’d say I want to go see

a house late at night and they wouldn’t ask for any ID and

horrible things would happen.

My God.
My first week in real estate

They show you a video that makes you not really want to do

it. I mean some of the things that have happened to realtors

in this country are you know bad.

I mean people have been murdered and tact and so I was always

very very smart about making sure that I was safe, you know,

and I would tell my younger self that there are times I could

have done better, but I’m glad that I did that so and I think

that the other thing I wish I had done is I wish to God I

had always asked everybody for their email address or phone

number. I it is the one thing about my entire career that

I have not done.

Well, I’ve never kept email.

I don’t have a mail.

I should have a huge mailing list.

I don’t have any because it was Always been me you know,

and I just didn’t have time right and I think that had I

had it right now.

My short-term rentals would be ridiculously thriving because

I have all this data, but I don’t so it’s like starting again,

you know, I got to build it up.

I’m gonna you know, and, you know lesson learned, you know,

you can you you can’t do everything and I didn’t know how

to delegate because I didn’t know the career as well.

I didn’t know the business of real estate so you No, I made

the mistakes of trying to buy leads and by top producer and

take you know, top producer is a like the software.

I don’t even know if they still make it but back then it

was incredibly expensive and it did me no good.

So got it got it.

But what’s your experience been like with like could you

speak into that with buying?

Yeah with buying leads.

I know people are people got it.


Don’t do it.

I spent too much money.

I don’t do it.

I don’t buy leads, I do a good job for each client.

hope they recommend me and that’s literally how I mean I

bought some leads maybe a year or two or three and they didn’t

pan out and I didn’t like it and I didn’t do floor calls

for my company.

I really worked on following up with everybody that came

into an open house or something and try to get business that

way. Yeah, so following up with like I spent so much money

if I could have all the money back that I wasted.

It would be wonderful but it’s not going to happen and you

know lesson learned.

That’s all absolutely it is thus sometimes you just have

to try things.

You know, I do I’m always trying it if there’s something

that I think could help my business.

It doesn’t matter what business it is.

I will try it.

I mean, you know, there’s there’s stuff that I’ve tried that

has been ridiculously expensive and I slap myself on the

wrist going that was really stupid, but it sounded great

at the time but it you know, I always am like, okay.

If it cost me this I need one lead from a to pay me back.

Sometimes it works.

Sometimes it doesn’t right right.

It’s varies from from like area and for what’s familiar,

it’s all like very circumstantial, totally.

It’s hard to tell, like your experience versus another person’s

experience is like.

It’s like because you are like such a unique individual and

so it’s it’s and real estate is a it’s a relationship like

no question.

It’s a yeah.
It’s a relationship business is no question

about it.

Was there anything that I didn’t ask you
No, you asked me a lot

but you like okay great.



I just like to always double check
Do you feel like I answered enough


Yeah, I think so.

I was just like to double check.

Let me oh, you know, I’m gonna have to let’s just end with

this. Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Do I prefer coffee or tea?

neither, I would rather have a diet coke or a coke zero.


You’re filled with energy.

So you don’t need coffee you’re ready to go.

Thank you so much for being here and sharing your experience.

And yeah, just like the extensiveness of your real estate

career, and I’m looking forward to seeing you continue to

thrive and hopefully one day I’ll be State when you’re being

be yeah, definitely and and check out my Instagram a distinctive

getaways because this girl is really doing a killer job.


We’ll go ahead we’ll throw all that info up as well right

and check that out and stuff.

But yeah, thank you so much and till next time guys.

Take it easy.

Thank you.


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