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Laurie Sheinkopf “A Northern Girl Enhanced by the South” Fun talking with such successful woman!

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Getting to Know Your Realtor

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It’s better than scripted.
Hey guys, we have Laurie Sheinkopf today here from
Partners Real Estate.
Thank you so much for being here taking the time to be on
to be on the channel.
In Getting to Know Your Realtor.
How are you doing?
I’m doing great.
Thanks for having me.
I really
Appreciate it.
How’s your day going right now?
It’s doing.
I just did a zoom video for YouTube for one of my short-term
rentals in Gatlinburg.
And that’s the part of Tennessee that.. Tennessee is correct.
It’s in the mount Smoky Mountains.
Let’s do that up there on the screen.
Yeah, so people can see where you coming from.
Three hours from Nashville.
And did you grow up in that part of the country?
No, I grew up in Boston.
Oh, really?
It was a pretty big shocker when I moved here.
Yeah, I always say I’m a Northern girl enhanced by the South.
Okay, I like that. How did you make
your way out to Tennessee?
So I ended up coming to Tennessee
I was married at the time and my ex-husband got transferred
to Nashville.
I had been a trailing spouse for years and I was in retail
I work for big companies like Victoria’s Secrets, Unlimited
and Etc.
And this was the one part of the world in Nashville at the
time when I moved here in 2000, that they had no retail.
I mean I couldn’t get a job.
I had just been running stores that made millions and millions
of dollars and I came to Nashville and there were no jobs.
It would have been like a huge step back from where I was
so I was a tad discouraged and my ex-husband said I should
go look into selling real estate because we have a horrible
real estate experience and I have always been very customer
service driven and the salesperson.
And he’s like it’s just a different product.
And so I took his advice.
It was probably the best advice I ever gave me in the 11
years we were together.
And that’s what started it.
It’s been an amazing ride for the last 20 years.
I’ve loved every minute of it.
That’s awesome.
Yeah, what’s the… Okay, you have to tell me the story of how
you got started in real estate.
So when I got started in real estate again, I was from Boston
and I joined Century 21, and this is a really funny story.
So I had you know, they said, you know, go talk to your sphere
of influence.
Talk to friends.
I had no one. I didn’t know a soul here.
So I started doing I teamed up with a mortgage person and
I started doing first-time homebuyer seminars because people
at the level I’m at now didn’t want to deal with first-time
homebuyers. So I went yeah, that’s perfect.
So I started with first-time homebuyers and I did seminars
and it was a lot of work and I did other people’s open houses
and my first open house is I was all dressed up.
I was in a suit and nobody talked to me and I’m a pretty
likable person.
I like to talk to people.
I’ve been doing it for 10 years.
Nobody talked to me.
You seem like a nice person.
I’d never meet a stranger, that’s what everyone says. And nobody would talk to me.
I had a beautiful suit on so I did two open houses and I
was like, oh maybe this isn’t the career for me.
So the third open house I threw on like this really inexpensive
cute little peasant
dress and some like basic shoes and wasn’t like super
professional northern looking professional and everybody
started talking to me.
I guess I just looked not approachable.
And that’s what started it.
I said did that and I did first time home buyer seminars
and I did like six transactions my first year and then 20
the next and then 30 the next and then 40 next and I’ve been
doing it for 20 years.
It’s great.
I love it.
I love every bit of it and I’ve had a wild ride.
Yeah, what’s the part of real estate that you enjoy?
I would say the most?
I think because I was one of the first
Realtors to embrace downtown Nashville when I moved here,
there was no downtown living. So you there was one building
there were no real shops, restaurants, bars, anything fun and
I came down here.
I think I’ve been doing real estate for about eight or nine
years already and I was very proficient.
Inn the suburbs and all our different counties and Builders
and I came down here one night to have dinner with a girlfriend
And there was an ad that a developer was putting the first
luxury building up downtown.
So I was like, let’s go look. So I came down for dinner
Walked out with a condo. And that was what started my whole
journey it totally changed my path of real estate.
I became very proficient in downtown living I became involved.
with the city I became involved with the downtown
home tour.
My condos been featured on it.
I started educating people about downtown and I was literally
and still am one of the very few realtors that have lived
both worlds.
I’ve lived the suburbs and I’ve lived the city and I can
easily compare and contrast both of them for value and I
have a lot of clients that have done swap both gone from
city to suburbs gone from suburbs to the city and I help
them with everything. A lot of agents didn’t wanna come downtown
and they were giving out big time misinformation and I was
living here.
I mean, I was one of the first Realtors and residents to
live here and I would hear other realtors talk and I’d be
like yeah there is parking and yes, you can go out and you
know, there was so much misinformation about moving downtown
going on that.
I was literally there was a group of us a very small group
of Realtors and I would say that we were really instrumental
in growing the downtown and getting involved in it and getting
Excited over it and it’s great.
And that’s where I live.
I had lived in the suburbs for 10 years and I moved downtown
for 10 years.
That was going to be my next question.
Yeah, I live downtown now. Right in the heart of Nashville.
That’s awesome.
How has it been? like you’ve seen the city or downtown
like change right?
It’s amazing, you know and it again, you know, I’ve seen
it where there was nothing and then for you know, the before
COVID started, we were the city everyone came to we were the
bridal city
We were in every top 50 list from Forbes and relocation magazine
and it’s really interesting.
We worked so hard to get so far and it just like the rest
of the world were kind of in a stop kind of, you know, everything
stopped. I mean, I literally walked on broadway and there
was no one there and I literally almost started crying I
couldn’t believe it.
It was like a ghost town.
Yeah, it was it’s been really hard.
It’s been really really hard but we’ll come back.
I mean, it’s a great city people are really friendly here
people really band together for floods and all kinds of issues.
It’s the one thing I absolutely love about this city people
band together.
It’s incredible.
That’s awesome. I’ve never visited. I’ll have to definitely
You would love it.
Everybody that’s ever come here.
They just absolutely adore Nashville.
I have a brother go and
he really enjoyed the area.
It’s great.
Yeah, it is.
It’s great.
I love selling down here.
That’s great.
Um, let’s see.
I’m just wanting a little more about like, so before you
got started in real estate like growing up like you grew
up in Boston.
I did.
What part of Boston did you grow up in?
I grew up in a little tiny town called Needham.
It was a dry county.
You mean like no alcohol?
No alcohol anywhere..
Really? Interesting.
Yeah, tell me about that.
Oh, like what was that?
You know, I was always kind of a nerdy kid.
I always wanted to study. I used to compete in ice skating,
but I was an avid reader.
My dad was of the mindset of I’ll buy any book you want but
you can’t watch TV all day.
He used to call it the idiot box, you know you learn nothing.
He was a very big on you reading and even when he didn’t
have a lot of money every Monday we would get $20.
Buy books, you know he didn’t care if it was outside of our,
you know grade school if we were in third grade and wanted
to read a fifth grade book He was all about just reading
and you know to this day my brother and sister and I are
all about I mean we can pass the time away with a great book.
I’m just very I’m a voracious reader.
I love to read anything.
That’s your dad is he was spot on about this
he was ahead of his time.
There’s no question about it.
So what kind of books are you reading right now?
If you reading.
You know, in all honestly when I’m reading right
now is anything to do with short term rental contracts in
all honesty what you probably know better than I do like
web all this YouTube stuff.
Like I started a WordPress website.
I’m not good at it.
I got to go find someone to help me.
I was trying to learn it on my own and gave up last night.
So I’m reading all that like
WordPress for Dummies, but I’m gonna outsource it.
One thing about me is I know when to outsource like
I’ll give it a little bit but if I can’t make it work in
my head and get it on the screen.
It’s a job for someone else.
Yeah, the delegation – I’m big on delegating so I can’t do
no question and finding good people to do.
It is humbling when you delegate
your like, I’m not the best at this by know someone else.
You know, it took me a long time to get there but you know
with my business growing and you know merging into you know,
short-term rentals and I know social media such a big piece
of it.
I just didn’t realize how much time this took. I mean Instagram
and Facebook and YouTube and I’m like, that’s it.
So the best thing I did this year was to outsource that to
this phenomenal woman in Vegas who’s doing a great job.
Let’s get any more time that concentrate on bed.
Customer service from my guests, for my clients knowing that
the pieces that are really time-consuming are being done
by professionals.
Yeah and you focus on the things that you’re good at exactly.
Yeah, exactly.
I love that. it’s brilliant.
What’s the okay tell me more about the short-term rentals,
like what’s that like in Tennessee like..
I got into this market in the
craziest way.
So as I said before I was one of the first people to live
downtown, right. And while I was trying to get clients kind
of excited about leaving a 3,000 square foot house for 700
square feet.
I bought a property that’s one mile from downtown and I fixed
it up and it was really pretty and they used to let prospective
buyers stay there.
Hmm so that they could experience the downtown and I paid
for everything.
I mean all the bills and it was you know, and it was just
to help my real estate business to help educate people on
a market.
That was so new.
So fast forward three or four years later Nashville’s the
hot market.
I don’t have to sell it anymore.
I don’t have to tell people all you need to experience it.
There’s the titans that have come this is a predators.
I don’t have to sell it anymore.
So now I’m stuck with a property and it’s one mile from downtown
and this is before you could get all this great information.
Like you can now on short-term rentals.
So I used it as my first short term rental, you know, I made
my mistakes on and I mean, I know what to do better now.
But that turned into I had three more in Florida.
I sold two of them and then I started in the mountain so
I have three there now and they’re all different and they
all have their own themes and they all have their own feeling
and they’re all in great locations, they’re stunning.
And so now I’m kind of doing like these beautiful luxury
properties luxury vacations for affordable prices, and they’re
just booked Like crazy and my reviews are off the charts
and I’m just totally loving it.
I mean, it’s the one thing that being in real estate enabled
me to do.
I mean, I’m a realtor that invests in what I do a lot of
Realtors kind of invest maybe more material stuff or you
know, something along those lines.
I literally invest in what I do.
I own long-term rentals.
I own short-term rentals.
I just keep trying to build it and use everything
I’ve learned and help
Other people. I have clients that are starting to invest in
short-term rentals and I try to do it first so I know it
falls and I know what to tell them so cuz it’s hard.
I mean it’s hard work.
It’s not something you’re going to do and say, okay I’m done
but it’s very rewarding.
I loved every minute of it.
I mean I my goal every year is to push forward learn something
new help my clients achieve their real estate goals.
I mean it’s just a wonderful career. I’ve loved it tremendously.
So short term …

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