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Everything You Need to Know About the Pros & Cons Living in Orange County

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Getting to Know Your Realtor

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Everything you need to know about the pros and cons living in Orange County 🏠🏠

Do you wonder what is it to live in Orange County? OR Are you thinking about moving to or relocating to Orange County

In this video we will give you the golden nuggets of the PROS & CONS living in ORANGE COUNTY.

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πŸ‘There are so many advantages living in Orange County and I would love to share to you more about this beautiful place! πŸ”₯

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Full Transcription Below:

In this video, we’re going to cover the Pros & Cons

of Living in Orange County. Brian?

We have the first pro, which is the weather. Talk about the

weather. Let’s do it.

I mean, I know this is a timely piece but it’s the first

of February and it’s look at the sunshine hitting me in the

face. I feel like I’m getting sunburned right now.

It’s I mean the weather other than like the three days it

rains every year.

It’s 70s and beautiful outside.

Constantly. I mean, how can you beat the weather here?

It’s just one of the best places probably in the world weather-wise.

You can’t beat it.

Yes, a hundred percent. Talk about number two, which

is the schools, public-private, and academies, tell us all about that.

I mean, that’s the other thing.

I mean with all this weather they’ve built so many great

schools around here too because they have such great weather.

But I mean, you’ve got some of the top high schools definitely

in a country here, you’ve got private schools here, parochial,

non-parochial schools.

You’ve got OCSA which is the Orange County School of the Arts here.

You’ve got you go to sit down to South County.

You got some amazing schools down and Santa Margarita

in those areas.

But I mean North Orange County.

I mean one of the Premier high schools here is Troy High School.

I mean every year it seems to be the top 50 in the

country for high schools, you know, that’s private and

public. So, I mean, that’s pretty amazing and then you also

got Rosary Academy up here Servite modern day for some of

the parochial school.

So I mean really people move here

for the schools. And its so funny, they’ll buy a house

One street over to be in the school district.

And the house price might be 10% more than across the

streets. That’s what’s bananas about Orange County

the schools are just people are moving just to get to those

certain schools

They want to go to.

yeah gosh I’ve heard of people.

Yeah getting apartments..

And you will get families that are

sending kids over here.

They’ll buy a house and put like their teenage kids in the

house. And they’re not even here so they got a bunch of teenagers

driving around all over the place what they’re doing so they

can go to these high schools or these schools, you know,

or they might send Grandma over with them or something

like that, but it’s really amazing because they will

just buy a house put their kids in it.

They’ll just come visit their kids.

Just to be in those schools.

It’s yeah, it’s pretty amazing.

And its just pretty fantastic, too

That they will do that for the kids to get the best education.



It’s important.

Let’s do number three, Lifestyles and Recreation.

Well, I mean, it’s kind of goes on with the weather but I

mean because it opens up so many things I mean you can go

we’re talking about this before but I mean you can go and

just in Orange County.

There’s so many places to go hiking, backpacking, Fitness spots

to go to, horseback riding, you know, so many trails and things

do, go down to the beach obviously down there.

But then also inside of that within an hour to the north

of North Orange County, you’re in the snow

not even an hour, 45 minutes.

You’re in the snow depends on what day it is.

Yes, 30 minutes to the South you’re at the beach, you know,

Do you have any favorite hiking spots? Or things

in Lifestyle & Recreation?

You know what, I always say, you know, I’ve got so many friends.

I see on Instagram and other place in YouTube and things

where there, you know posting videos of themselves hiking

and just and they’re Maniacs, you know, what I mean

here, I mean, there’s so many different canyons and things

in the area here where you can hike or so many trails like

like up here in Fullerton, you know, there’s the

Juanita Cooke Trail, and so many trails that people buy houses

around but there’s so many places miles and miles of places

to go. You start going into the canyon areas here.

Obviously just so many places to go and hike and just I mean

you can go out there park your car that you know, the end

of the Cleveland National Forest and just walk through and

spend a day out there.

You know, it’s pretty amazing.

For sure.


Let’s do number four, diversity of cultures. One of my personal


  • Yeah.

I mean, like I said, I mean we have, you know, certain mass

of populations in every area and their great

not just that but they bring their cultures here.

And so you have not only restaurants and things like that

that that have those different kind of cultures.

But also now, you know you have like we’re talking before

about you know, the H Mart, you know, you have Tokyo Central

Market, you know, you got the Northgate markets here.

I mean we have you know, Marcus, you know towards Indian

food or Indian restaurants you I mean, if you’re if you’re

to call me up and say hey Brian, I need a good restaurant

or market for X and you give me the ethnicity within a

minute because it seems like Agent B has become Google so

they asked Agent B instead of going to Yelp. And so I could

find it within a minute and tell you if I know someone who’s

been there or I can pop it out on Facebook or Instagram.

Say hey, has anybody been to this? And I would get 50 people to

respond and tell me if it’s good or not.

I mean It’s just the diversity is incredible and in Orange County

it really is The Melting Pot inside the Melting Pot.

Yep, people embrace it, you know, it’s not an issue

here with different cultures, things like that, people embrace all

the different cultures and diversity that we have, its fantastic.




Let’s see number five, The Entertainment.

Well, if ever it opens up again here.

  • At the time of this video, yes.

At the time of this video on February 2nd

still waiting.

I know downtown Disney is open, but I mean you got Disneyland,

you know and all the parks there.

You’ve got obviously the Anaheim Ducks.

You got to Anaheim Stadium down here.

You’ve got some of the greatest shopping centers around you

you’ve got South Coast Plaza.

You’ve got up here,

You’ve got Brea Mall

You’ve got other malls and shopping all over the place.

You’ve got,

I mean the thing with entertainment too you guys so many farmers

markets had pop up everywhere because that’s going back

to you know, lifestyle and going back to weather as you have

so many healthy conscious people here that you know, you

have just these fresh food markets and place to pop it up.

I mean,

I should have pulled out my celery juice.

I’m drinking every day and show you that thing.

Yeah, and I got a juicer, you know, because we’re into that

too you know, just getting them healthiest, freshest, organic,

vegetables and fruits and drinking them, you know, as well

as eating that’s part of these markets and this entertainment,

you know, and the shopping is just I mean, it’s incredible.

And really stone’s throw from wherever you’re at.

You’ll find one.




Let’s do number six location, which is Orange County is in an amazing

location as you’re saying, how far away from almost everything?

Yeah, I mean if you’re in South County, you’re a second from

the beach, you know walk out there and let me know

I’ll find you a house.

You can walk out on the beach, but I mean you’ve got, you

know, just go straight up the 15 freeway and you’re hitting

in the mountains, you know, or a 10, you know within less

than an hour you and the amazing thing about Orange County

is that being more of a Suburban than an urban environment.

But we have one of the best, you know airports here in

John Wayne Airport, you know Santa Ana Airport.

I mean so that you don’t have to live in LA or go through

that crazy.. If you’ve ever been to Orange Count airport

Yeah, pretty easy.

Drive in, you can park your way across the street at one

of the hotels or whatever.

You can Uber in. Its not like going to LA.

Oh yes, yeah.

Yeah, going to LA is like actually going out of the tunnel and planes are driving by over you

You never know if they’re coming through, you know, it’s just

like and if you fly private which I know people that

fly private I mean you pull your car right up that private hangar

in the back and jump on your plan you’re out the door you

know it’s like you go anywhere in the world so that’s

pretty amazing, too, about Orange County has access to everything

We love flying out of Orange County

instead of LAX. Avoid LAX at all cost. Unless you have to.

Number seven, Low Crime.

Well I mean we’d

have to, you know, get a map for this but

We can really throw it up.


wow there it is but yeah I mean between the various

Sheriff’s departments here and then also the municipal police

departments I mean and I know I’ve talked to clients and

friends to live all over Orange County it seems like you

know I called 911 or I call the police that to do you know

a drive-thru on my street because there’s some suspicious

activity. It was like within three minutes there’s two cars driving by

You know, it’s just I mean, they really have a good control on it.

They want it to be safe.


I mean they’re definitely protecting their citizens

and taking care of them.

And but I mean, like I said, they’re welcoming everyone in

as well, but they want to make sure that people understand

that. Hey, they’re protecting us a great place to live.




Let’s do number 8, which is the job and diversity. We’re going

to throw up a list of employers, top employers, are in the area.

You guys can check that out.

But you have talked about the job diversity in Orange County

is a pro.

Well, I mean everything from entry-level working at Starbucks

or a pizza place or everything else to high tech jobs going

down in to Irvine to some of the biggest, you know construction

type of jobs, you know in the country are here.

I mean, they’re constantly building down here to obviously

Aerospace industry to the major food industries are down

here. Now you open it up giant factories and things

like because the access to transportation and rail, I mean

that’s another one you have you know Rail lines here

and no or Trucking and shipping and so I mean, it’s just

it makes it for someone coming in to move here.

I have so many clients have moved to Orange County for job

reasons. They’ve been relocated and it’s across the entire

gambit of what you can do for a living.

You know, I’ve never had like two people say they do

the exact same thing.

You know, I mean, eventually I’ll run into them.



That’s pretty amazing.


That’s cool.

Yeah, that’s great.

If you guys have you think we missed a pro go ahead and throw

it in the description down below or sorry the comments

down below.

Yeah list a pro that we did not

Yeah because there’s

probably a lot of them. We only have so long.

I mean, what time is it?

Yes, so yeah.

Yeah, and then we’re going to go into the Cons of living

in Orange County.

So Brian, gives us the cons.

Gotta be something, come on.

Well, I guess the only con is well.

One of them is has cost of living obviously, you know kinda

it’s I mean, I’ve had a lot of clients leave Orange County

to go to other states just Cost of Living.

This is definitely an issue here.

You’re not going to get you know, the 3,000 or 4,000 square foot

house on a half an acre.

You know, completely new for $400,000 in Orange County.

You know, it’s like I think we’re talking about the median

home price in all of Orange County has like a million and

a half, you know, and the medium condo price is like almost

600,000, you know, and I mean, you know, and I mean just

in Fullerton, I think my report last week we were at like

$895,000 was our medium price home here.

Yeah, you know said it’s definitely not cheap to live in

Orange County but you’re getting I mean you’re here for all

those benefits we listed just those eight benefits we listed

before and there’s so many more of those means so, you

know, it’s one of those places where you are going to spend

the money on the house here, but you know, you’re getting

everything for it for sure.




And another con we have is the traffic.

Well, I try to stay local so I don’t mind.

What are some of the bad traffic spots on the freeway?

Probably the Orange Crush area.

I think that’s like the five, where the five, the 57,

and the 22 all meets. You know, take it down to the fifty five

and five and going down to that area.

I mean, that’s really probably the worst spot to be if you’re

going in the morning like if your North County going down

to Irvine those type of plays to go down the beach.

It’s not a great space.

to be in you know there would be some traffic there. But it’s definitely

not like LA traffic I would say I mean there’s sections on

that 5 routes. To me it just seems like they’re always doing

construction on the 5.

Always. It’ll never stop

I’m 50 years old I’ve been here since I was two and I can

remember as a little kid being in the car of my parents

going – why is there construction on this freeway? seriously

and they keep widening it. How about you widen it at one time

as wide as possible. Stop adding one lane at the time

Let’s add 3. Come on, man. So crazy.

So if you guys think we missed a con for living in Orange County

go ahead and throw it in the comments below

Don’t you dare

And we will ya if we miss something please throw it

in and then we can yeah We’re good. So that’s it for the

It wold be great but I won’t believe you.

I want to say we’ll

send you a Starbucks gift card but I’m sure about that one.

Not good enough.

I’m just kidding okay.

Yeah, but throw it in the description below guys, in the comments below.

And this isn’t the Seattle Data Nerds,

This is the LA Data Nerds.

Alright guys, that’s it for this video.

I’ll see you later.

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