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by | Apr 4, 2021 | Getting to Know Your Realtor

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Don’t miss this opportunity as Rachel Ray shared the Top 5 Signs that You’re Ready to Sell! If you want to sell your house then these are the signs that you should consider! 🏠

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Full Transcription Below:

Oh, I’m amazing and beautiful.

How about yourself?


Same exact.



I’m blessed better than I deserve.



We made it into 2021.

So I think we’re all blessed if we’re watching this and we’ve

made it past, I don’t even take a year.

We’re in 2021, right?


So far, so good.

Go ahead and introduce yourself a little bit.


Rachel Ray, I’m a realtor with Canzell Realty.

We cover most of the Central Florida area, but we also have

offices in other States

Oh, great.

I’m getting notifications.

Sorry about that.

Texas and Virginia.



How long have you been a real estate agent for?

I’m new to being a realtor, but I’m definitely not new to

buying and selling homes.

I have purchased and sold two homes over my personal life

and career, and those are interesting experiences.

And each time I utilize the services of a realtor.


Let’s get into it.

What are the top five reasons in no particular order?

No particular order.

I went ahead and came up with a short list of just things

I’ve heard and research up done.

And so one of the reasons I say Let’s just do five and work

her way down to the reason.

Number five, you can’t stand your home.

You can’t stand your city or state.

Maybe the home is too big, too small.

You need to upsize or downsize.

You had one child when you bought the home to one, and now

you’ve got three kids.

It could just be like, for some reason, it just gets on your

nerves or you’re just not happy there anymore.

Marie Condo, I don’t know if you’ve heard of her

She’s like an organizing or clean.

So if you need to get rid of something, check the see if

it brings you joy.

Actually, does your house bring you joy?

And if it doesn’t, that could be a good sign or good reason

to sell.

That’s good.

I like that.

That looks good.


She is so great.

She taught me how to full close, so I owe a lot to her.


The reason number four, number 4 on average, inventories

for three months and lower across the country right now.

And anytime the National Realtors Association says anytime

that home inventories are less than three months of market

is a great time for sellers.

So if you haven’t thought about it, it might be a good time

to look at it now because of the fact that the inventory

is so low right now.



Across the United States for sure.


California, where I’m at the market is hot.

It is a seller’s market.

Reason number three, because of that

little inventory demand for homes is so high right now.

The need for homes and what happens is with that demand being

so high.

If you happen to place your home on the market, there’s an

opportunity to not only get at maybe multiple offers, but

even a chance to get higher than what your home is actually

worth. And again, that’s a supply and demand thing, because

inventory is so low, there’s so few homes.

Your home happens to be one in the right location, the right

size, and all the other things that a potential water is

looking for.

Yeah, we’ve heard of multiple offers within just a couple

of days, many times of being on the market.

So another reason?



Number number two, I moved over to Yeah, we can move to number

two. So again, you’ve got the low supply, you’ve got high

demand. And what happens with that is it results with Let’s

see if your home happens to be less than the median home

value, which again, according to the National Realtors Association,

is a little less than 300 Thousand dollars.

So if your home happens to be under that, that amount demand

is already big for all homes right now.

But if you’re under 300,000 dollar, that demand might even

double or triple.

So again, another reason you might want to consider selling

for just a good sign for you to sell because your home, you

bought it at 125.

Now it’s 225 dollars.

Maybe a good reason to sell.

Yeah, absolutely.

And eventually the market will be equalized in terms of it

will not always be a seller’s market, I think have a way

of kind of turning back to so soft.

So Let’s do a number one, no particular order or number one

reason why it could be a good time.

You might want to look at selling your home or just a sign

to sell your home.

Your financial situation is great.

If you happen to have great equity in your home, you look

looked at the market value.

You minus the amount that you owe left on your mortgage or

if you owe zero on your mortgage.

That’s awesome.

You have no mortgage and then all that’s equity.

So if you’ve got great equity potential selling your home

and you already got great financial resources, I mean, you

can maybe buy the home with your Dreamings at this point,

or if you’re going to downsize, buy that smaller home costs

a whole lot less and add more money to your retirement.

I mean, there’s just so many creative things you can you

right now.

But if you’re in a great financial situation, it could be

a good time to sell for you.

Market rates are Super low for mortgages right now as well.

So you’ve got decent credit and all that.

You can end up buying a home like so much more home than

you had bought previously.

That goes definitely, especially if you’re moving from New

York to California to tendency or Florida, depending on the

part of Florida in total preface that I.

But, Yeah, those are all great reasons and signs of maybe

it’s time to sell your house in Sun.

All for it

Thank you for sharing that.


Really appreciate that.

You’re Welcome.

Thank you for having me.

I absolutely.

And you guys, Rachel’s information up top down below.

If you need to contact her, go ahead.

And what’s the best way for people to contact you?

I’d say they can go to

C-A-N-Z-E-L-L , perfect.


And it’s okay to text there? .

There’s the number on there.

Some right?


You’ll be able to reach me directly on there.

That’s a perfect, awesome.

Alright, guys, until next time.

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