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by | Feb 21, 2021 | Getting to Know Your Realtor

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Greenville is a city in South Carolina. Let’s explore GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA with WILL RAY and find out what makes it a GREAT place.🏠💥

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Alright guys in this video we’re doing the Top Five Things To

Do in Greenville, South Carolina.

How are you doing, Will?

Thank you so much for sharing with us.

You are a local realtor.

What is the number one thing?

No particular order.

What’s number one?


So the number one thing you’re agreeable that I would

recommend is it’s maybe not on everyone’s top list, but it

is certainly something that we see a lot of people coming

and visiting from other parts of the state as well as The

parts of the country.

It’s the Swamp Rabbit Trail runs from Travelers Rest all

the way through downtown.

So there’s a lot of sites and scenes along the way it’s fantastic

Greenway if you’re a cyclist or if you just like to get out

in a stroller or just, you know, go on a normal Sunday stroll.

It’s great for any of that.

There’s shops, you know downtown Travelers Rest and restaurants

and things like that as well all the way down to Downtown

Greenville. So if you’re looking to get some exercise and

kinda of see the sights and scenes in Greenville County.

It’s a great place to be able to see all of it.


Where do you usually park for that?

Yeah, so depending on where on the trail that you want to

start out.

So if you want to go from top to bottom or from bottom to

top so, you know, there’s different access points so example,

if you park at the top part of Travelers Rest, there’s parking

there at The Travelers Rest Museum so you can park there

or you know, obviously if you’re starting from downtown,

There’s parking or if you kind of want to start it at Midway

point you have like the Swamp Rabbit Cafe where there’s parking

there as well, but there’s tons of different access

points. So, you know, you can access it through Perman University,

you know, if you want to check out and start their case,

you know, even start where there’s some, you know, there’s some different

public restrooms things like that.

So there’s a lot of different places you can park so it’s

super accessible.

Very cool.

Okay, number two- Falls Park. Tell us more about that.

Yeah, so Falls Park is definitely quintessential Greenville.

So if you were to search Greenville, South Carolina, I’m

sure one of the first images it’s going to pop up is going

to be Falls Park.

You know, you’ve got just amazing Green Space there, you

know, you’ve got the bridge you can walk, you’re right off of

Main Street.

There’s some shops and restaurants Boutique type places all

around, you know, it’s definitely a sight to see just

the falls, itself, are fantastic but there’s swings things

like that where you can just kind of really sit and enjoy

the scenery around you and again just located right off

the downtown.

So it’s a great place go grab dinner or lunch.

Go take a walk.

It’s a phenomenal place that greenville’s really excited

to have.
– Very cool.

And that’s so cool.

Yeah, this is Iconic iconic photo for sure.

Yeah number three- the different sports teams.


So yeah.

So despite our maybe a small size in comparison to some of

the larger cities in the country.

We do have three different sports teams here.

We have the Greenville Drive, which is a local baseball team.

Their stadium is right off a downtown floor field.

So again, great if you’re walking downtown you just want

to catch a game.

We also have our hockey team Swamp Rabbits.

And again that’s phenomenal lots of fun to go and do that

and enjoy a game and we also have the Greenville Triumph,

which is our newest sports team here in town.

They play at Legacy Charter which is located in and around

downtown and Sharia.

So we’re super excited to have all sorts of different sports

options for you know, regardless of what kind of sport do

you follow there’s certainly plenty of options.

They’re cool and your favorite sport out of those.

Oh man, that’s tough.

I’m going to have to make somebody mad.

So I don’t know if I can do that, but I’m a big soccer fan.

So I do enjoy that.

Although I am a sucker for going and watching a hockey teams.

I think watching a hockey live is really cool experience.

Yeah, it’s really engaging for sure. Good stuff. Side note,

you play any sports growing up?
– So despite my appearance,

I did actually lettered in four different sports in high

school. I did track, cross-country and wrestled in college.

And then I also played soccer so
– Fun fact, good stuff.

Awesome do not mess with Will.


Yeah, you can definitely mess with Will right now.

Will is definitely definitely past his prime.

No worries.

Okay number for- the Children’s Museum tell us more about that.

Yeah, so obviously as you’ll see with this number,

maybe I was biased because I do have kids but Children’s

Museum is awesome place to go.

They have a lot of different engaging areas that you can

go into.

Kids, they also rotate out some other different areas that

they have.

So even if you go one month, you know, if you go three months

later, they’re going to have some different things for your

kids to enjoy and go and do it’s great because they’ve got

a lot of opportunities to go and learn it’s a good place

for birthday parties. Then again, you know, whether it’s the

water features that they have down there in the basement.

They’ve got a massive playground.

Supported by Michelin, they’ve got you know, you can literally

walk in through what a stomach would look like, you know,

they’ve got a lot of really cool features and different things

for kids to do there and they’ve got a great membership program

so that way you can continue to go over and over again.

So it makes a great rainy day activity.

If you’ve got kids that are desperate to get out and do something.

It’s an awesome place to go.
– Very cool.

Very cool.

That’s awesome.

And just that you said you have three kids.

One on the way?
– I do.

– Very good.


Okay, and with that the last and final. The fifth thing, which

is Greensville Zoo.

Tell us more about that.


So Greenville Zoo is an awesome zoo that you can go and

check out its really close to downtown but it’s also right

next to Cleveland Park.

So it’s a great place to go check out all the different animals

that they have there.

But also you can go in check out Cleveland Park immediately

after you know, enjoy yourself a nice picnic or let the kids

go roam and play around on the playground.

They’ve also got a lot of really great events things like

Boo in the zoo where you can go and trick-or-treat home along

with the animals as well.

So again, another membership type program exists there so

you can continue to go there as many times as you want.

It’s a great way to support all the different things that

they do for the animals that are there too.

Very cool.

And so if we are flying in to South Carolina, what is the

best I guess places to fly in?
– yeah, so, you know, we’re kind

of situated between two major airports so you can fly into

Charlotte you can fly into Atlanta, but we do have our own

local airport here GSP that also has a lot of direct flights

from some of the larger cities around as well.

They rotate those in and out so I don’t want to date myself

with the video, but you may want to double check and see

if you got a direct flight to GSP.

And you can just go ride to downtown from there.





Well, thank you so much for sharing that Insight that information

really appreciate it.

And if people want to contact you will throw your information

up top and the description and that’s it for now.
-Yeah, I appreciate that.



Thank you so much.

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