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TOP 5 THINGS TO DO IN UTAH by Tamra Simons

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Getting to Know Your Realtor

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If you’re thinking of coming to UTAH, these are the 5 top things to experience!

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Full Transcription Below:

Hi guys, in this video.

We have Tamra Simons and we’re going to do the Top Five Things

to do in Utah. Tamra?

What is the number one thing to do in Utah? In no particular order

Well, I think in if you come to Utah you have to experience

our state parks.

We have many from the northern part of the state to the southern

part of the state.

You just have to come and enjoy our state parks.

We have a lot to offer there.
– Awesome.

So that’s number one.

What about number two?

Number two, This is bad because I forgot what we put there.
– The skiing

in Park City CA.


Thank you.

I should write these down.

Skiing in Park City.

We have the best snow on Earth here in Utah.

So you have to go up and experience the different ski resorts.

There are so many anymore that you get to choose from

From like Deer Valley down to the Canyons.

There’s just a lot to choose from up there.

And what do you mean by the best snow?

What do you mean by that?

Well, you know Utah’s known for having the best snow

on Earth.

And in fact, we used it in a lot of our Tourist Campaigns

for many many years and everyone loves to come to Utah and

go skiing in Park City.

Not only is the skiing is great,

The shopping is great.

The food is great.

It’s just, you know, all the way around is just a fun

social gathering
– Cool, Park City.

What’s some of the pros and cons of Park City?

Pros and cons, you know, it’s kind of a its own little

world in Park City.

It’s unlike any other spot in Utah because it’s an old

mining town that is now got these million-dollar mansions

that are all built up that you can’t even see a lot of because

there are hidden behind all of the trees and stuff up in

there and you can ski-in and ski-out of your house with these

So yeah, it’s I mean, it’s a pretty magical place up there.

Okay, how do you usually visit when you go?

Me? I’m not so much of a skier because I spend more time

on my bum than I do on my skis so I’m not the greatest skier.

But I like to go up and I like to you know, hang out in the

Ski resorts themselves and socialize with you know, because

there’s usually a lot of people hanging out by the fire or

you know, you’re going to the restaurants and having you

know, just delicious food to eat.

It’s just kind of a fun place to network with other people

and meet those that you probably wouldn’t have met otherwise.


So how would typically people fly in or Drive-In?


Yeah, they can do either I think a lot of people fly in because

there’s actually a shuttle right from the Salt Lake International

Airport that will take you right into Park City.

So, you know, you get the whole experience from

the airport all the way up to Park City.

Very cool.



We’ll throw some more information.
– Depending on where you’re

coming from.

A lot of times the drive can be really nice.

But if you’re short on time, you can fly in and then shuttle

all the way to Park City.
– Very cool cool.

Let’s go to… and we’ll throw some more info on Park City

Let’s do number three.

Fremont Indians State Park and Museum.
– You know Utah has

a lot of Heritage and Southern Utah has you know, many Indian

relics and unless you know where to find those, you know,

you don’t really even know to look for them.

So Fremont Indian State part is not a park that you know,

a lot of people get a lot of traffic to but it’s really cool.

I mean it’s in the rocks and there’s a museum there that

walks you through and tells you all about the Indian

Heritage here in Utah.

Very cool.

So you’ve been there yourself?

I have been.
– Cool.

So cool.

So recommended by you, for sure.

Yeah, you know, it’s a fun you can hike through the to

the terrain up in there and see all different kinds of rock

formations and you can actually come across some of the Indian

relics that are on the Rocks.

So it’s really cool.

That’s awesome.


We’ll throw a map like where that’s at.

Let’s see number 4.

St. George, which I yeah, you were telling me.

What is that?


Everyone has to experience St. George because it’s so different

from Salt Lake City. Its when everyone comes to Salt Lake City,

you know, it’s a very much a city setting and we have gorgeous

mountains on the east and west side of the city, but

when you go to St, George, you can go there are all year long.

In the summer,

It’s really really hot.

So you can enjoy the you know, they have like the Red Rock

and Sand and there’s a couple of state parks there as well

that you can go and visit but it’s completely different terrain

there. And then if you go there in the winter, it’s not nearly

as cold and it doesn’t snow as often as it does in Salt Lake City

even though all in the same state.



Yeah, and it’s just way to experience a completely different

look to Utah.
– Awesome.


What about the last and final number 5. I’m going to let say this one

You got to go to the Uintas!

We’re gonna put the spelling up there. I was like what?

The Uinta mountains are absolutely gorgeous and they’re

located in the northern part of Salt Lake and it’s just that

you went, you know, you can go from Ogden

all the way down.

They have, you know, they’re nice little Canyons that is

just beautiful scenery.

You can take a scenic loop when you’re going up there just

take a nice Sunday drive.

It’s just gorgeous scenery.

You can see wildlife, you know, and there’s been several

times we’ve gone up and we’d be driving up and you

can look off to the side and you’ve got deer running through

the woods and you can actually watch them.

Running with you.

Yeah, I’m looking at some photos are now it’s looks yeah,

it’s amazing.

You know, it’s just you can kind of get be one with nature

without actually getting out of your car.



So it looks like it’s more camping stuff.

And there’s a lot of recreation in Utah,

you know, you can you know, you can ski you can you know

recreate go camping, hiking, rock climbing.

Just a lot of exploring that you can do in Utah because we

have so much to offer here.
– Thinking for you and just for

those of us who are not campers.

Are there any probably nearby cities to Airbnb and then just

go in for the day?
– There is in fact at the base of say you

if you’re in Salt Lake, you know, we have airbnb’s along

the Wasatch Front all over because it is such a popular place

and there’s a lot of people that don’t want to drag the camper

up yet.

They still want to experience the mountains and so you can

rent airbnb’s at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon and

then take that up, you know, take a day drive or you know

have a picnic up there what you know, whatever you want to

do yet.

You don’t have to pull up a sleeping bag and sleep out in

the mountains.

You can go back to your AirBnb.
– Got it.

Was that Cottonwood Canyon?

Cool. In Utah. And we’ll throw some slides up right

now. Sweet Tamra, that’s so so good.

Thank you so much for that info and go ahead and you guys

can find out more about Tamra.

She is a local realtor in Utah and we’ll throw up her information

and you guys can contact her if you have any other questions

about Utah- all things Utah.

She is the one to go to and that’s it for this video.

Thank you guys so much and until next time yeah.

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