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Top 8 things to do in santa rosa by andrew oandason

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Getting to Know Your Realtor

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Everything you need to know about the rop 8 things to do in SANTA ROSA 🏠🏠

Do you wonder what to do in SANTA ROSA? OR Are you thinking about moving to or relocating to SANTA ROSA?

In this video we will give you the TOP 8 THINGS TO DO in SANTA ROSA.

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Full Transcription Below:

Alright guys, in this video

We’re going to cover the Top Eight Things To Do Around Santa Rosa


Number one, in no particular order,

We have number one, which is Bodega Bay. Go ahead and tell us about

that number one.

Okay, Bodega Bay is about 30 minutes from Santa

Rosa, but the drives amazing, so you’ll go through a little

town called Sebastopol and while you’re there you can stop

and try to ice cream at some Screaming Mimi’s probably one

of the best ice cream places I’ve ever been to. And once you’re at

Bodega, there’s a bunch of state beaches some allow dogs

some don’t but it’s just a great place to bring lunch and

just enjoy the beach, you know, it’s always good

for your mind and your health to kind of get out there

and just kind of unwind.


You also have visiting Howard Park.

Howard Park is kind of like on the east side of Santa Rosa and thing

I like about it is there’s a great area for kids and then

there’s also a nice paved walking path so you can either walk

it or ride a bike.

It’s about four miles that goes all the way around

Spring Lake and then behind that there’s Annadel State Park and

that’s more for advanced hikers and bikers and that’s just

a beautiful area to enjoy nature.


And number two, we have visiting downtown.

Downtown has changed

quite a bit, but I still recommend checking it out. Fourth Street

and Third Street

have a lot of restaurants, they’re kind of very known for their

breweries. So you want to check out Russian River coming

up in February.

They’re actually doing a big release of Pliny the… is it Pliny the Younger

I believe and so it’s one of like the most sought-after

beers around the world.

So people actually come out here and it’s a huge boost for

our local economy all the surrounding businesses really benefit

from just that one beer.

Awesome, and some restaurants you recommend are
Stark Steakhouse.

Yeah in downtown, tell us about.

Starks is relatively new but

they kind of just came in with a bang so they actually have

about four or five different restaurants.

But one of my favorites is the steakhouse so Stark Steakhouse

downtown kind like an old railroad rail,

Like the Old Town Square just off of downtown and another one that

they own is Willie’s Wine Bar.

So you want to check out Willie’s and they also have
Bird in A Bottle

So Bird In A Bottle is also kind of by downtown and

they’re all great.

But my favorite is the steakhouse and then down the street

from that one is another restaurant called Jackson’s and

I really recommend Jackson’s as well.

They have great desserts and great pizza.



And then number three, we have Russian River can’t forget

about Russian River

You said they have two locations now.

Oh, yeah, so that’s one of the famous

Brewery so there’s the main one downtown Santa Rosa on

Fourth Street, and then they actually opened up a huge facility

just North in Windsor and so that is a huge complex where

they do tours, and then they have a big restaurant and just

just a very nice sprawling area that you can kind of go and enjoy yourself.

Very cool.

So what’s the difference between the two different breweries

that they have in the area now?

So the one downtown is a little bit more.

I would, kinda like for the rowdy crowd, you know,

It gets pretty noisy.

They have sometimes they have live bands in there and you’re

right on the you know, the the main drag downtown and then

the one in Windsor kind of little bit off the path.

And so it’s more of where their facility is to create large

amounts of their beer to sell, you know in large production.


Cool, I have to visit. Then number four, Safari West.

I haven’t been there in a while but it’s a great place to

go see some giraffes, they have rhinos, cheetahs, monkeys, and it’s

just only like maybe 10 minutes from downtown Santa Rosa.

So it’s kind of like a little Hidden Gem in Santa Rosa.


And you said you can spend the night?

Yeah, they have packages.

Where you can actually get a cabin and spend the night there kind

of hear all the sounds of the wild animals.
-That’s so cool.

Have yet to spend the night?

No, I have not.

Not yet.

Yeah, okay, we’re gonna have to make you spend the night some time

Still on my bucket list.

There we go! Number five, Calistoga spa.

So Calistoga is just past Safari West.

So if you stay on Marquess Springs Road, it leaves

you out to Calistoga Road, and that’s a great place to

go out and do some mud baths.

They do, you know, warm springs, pools and this very rejuvenating

place to go visit.

Very cool. Number six,

You’re going to have to say this one.
Castello de…

How do you say it?

That’s one of the first ones as you enter Calistoga.

It’s called Castello de Amorosa and basically

The Castle of Love and the guy had a vision and he is able to reproduce

a real castle.

So he brought over a lot of materials from Europe.

And it even has the drawbridge and you know, he has a wild

animals out there as well and they also do tours.

So one thing people probably miss

Is to go there for the wine, but they actually have a full

tour of the castle and have a dungeon and all kinds of cool



That’s so cool.

Yeah, it looks beautiful.

Yeah, the wines are great too.

Oh good.

How’s the food there? Do they have food there?

They do have a little bit of like, you know, like appetizer

food, but not I don’t think a full-blown restaurant.


No problem.

What about number seven? Healdsburg.

So Healdsburg about 10 to 15 minutes north of Santa Rosa

just passed Windsor and they have one of the best downtown’s

that you can visit primarily because of all the tasting rooms.

So if you’re into wine, that’s a place that’s a must-go

because you can literally just walk around the downtown and

visit, you know dozens of different.

Tasting rooms and so it’s just really quaint kind of like a high-end

feel they have some little boutiques and restaurants and

little bit pricey.

But you know, if you’ve never been there it’s definitely

worth it.


So just to clarify, are like all of the different wineries

from the area

They have their tasting rooms like relocated there?


Super cool. So if you’re want to try a bunch of different

wines, but you don’t necessarily want to do all the traveling

maybe rent a limo or party bus and go out to all the different

wineries. You can just kind of spend the day there and kind

of hop around


And Number Eight, Montgomery Village Santa Rosa.

Montgomery Village. So that’s kind of an outdoor shopping center in

Santa Rosa.

And one thing that’s really nice about the summertime is

they do outdoor music and so you can kind of go out there

go shopping, you know have a nice dinner and then top it

off with a live band.

So it’s definitely a very cool experience to be out there

That’s awesome, heck yeah.

Yeah, cool.

Well, thank you for sharing with us.

If you guys want to go to any of those different places will

throw links in the description and use information of top

and you can ask him call him anything any other questions

you might have and go.


Thank you.

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